Weapons 16/02/20 “will Bramit”: how the Soviet partisans to silently kill Germans

the German sentry on duty suddenly falls, struck by a bullet, red guerrillas silently penetrate into the object. Looking for lot of war movies picture. However, few people know that the “people’s Avengers” in such cases is used the silencer “Bramit”, developed in secret laboratories of the NKVD.

the history of the Soviet silencer

as enhancements to pistols and rifles, the war became more and more “noisy” and rapid-fire weapons, which appeared in the early XX century, was “deafening”. So not coincidentally, the inventors of the first mufflers were the sons of Hiram Stevens Maxim, the Creator of the famous machine gun. Their patented in 1908-1910 model mufflers were popular worldwide and sold freely in Russia until 1917.

Pioneers of the development of domestic mufflers were the brothers Ivan G. and V. G. Mitya has begun its work in 1919. The first patent for a “gun for silent shooting” they received in 1929.

In the early 1930-ies the order silent on the firearms received from the Main artillery Directorate of the red Army. The development slowed the repression suffered by the inventors. By 1940, the ninth year, the silencer, the final version of which was created for the special technical Bureau of the NKVD, was ready for use. In honor of the brothers Mitya device called “will Bramit”, although trials lived only Ivan Mitin, who worked in a “sharashka” on the Solovetsky Islands. His brother Basil was shot in 1937.

Structurally, the muffler was a hollow cylinder with two (according to others, ten) cameras, in which there were rubber seals – the seals.

“In the cells of the expanding hot propellant gases are slowed and cooled, flowing out of the device with a largeno less speed”,– stated in the book of Vladimir Kashtanova “self-loading pistols”.

Instead of the loud Bang the device published slow hiss. The application of the “Bramit” allowed not only to stop the sound, but also to extinguish the flame. At the same time, the tests showed significant drawback – the reduction in accuracy of fire caused by the collision of the bullet and seals. To solve this problem we developed a special cartridge “Revolver-let Bramit” with a pointed bullet. The barrel of a revolver, submachine gun Tokarev or trilinear Mosin rifle silencer joined by a special coupler.

In 1940, the instrument was adopted. The greatest distribution “will Bramit” was in the years of the great Patriotic war.

“will Bramit” in war

Tula arms factory and other enterprises were able to master the production of “Brigita” only in 1942 – just in the midst of the partisan movement. What the partisans were supplied a substantial part of the produced devices. Silencing the noise, “masking” the direction of the shots, was it difficult to find the mobile teams, especially in difficult terrain.

the Soviet silencer was considered “secret” and quite “scarce” type weapons. “Bramit” produced in small batches – just a few thousand units per month. For example, in the guerrilla group “the Soviet Murman” in 1944, on the 68 units of various small arms accounted for only three “Bramata”. The number of spazmatron was also limited. In addition to the guerrillas, a device used reconnaissance-sabotage unit of the NKVD.

because of weak accuracy to use effectively, “will Bramit” could only be true professionals-snipers. For example, in the guerrilla Union of Sidor Kovpak in Ukraine silencers that forest fighters called “kartinkami” used for “removing” time. Similar testimony is not named for the partisan is given in the book of Sergey Kozlov “Silent beats…”

“We used them often, when one time shot. With one hundred meters, fosmidesati once made – and all hi. Not heard, he sometimes fell louder.”

However, according to the researchers, the deliberate tactic of the use of “Brigita” during the war and has not appeared, and amid fighting Grand scale silent shooting was very modest.

Timur Sagdiyev

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