to get straight To the point, I’m not a big fan of the battery-cars. Windows, seat adjustment, exterior mirrors – since I’m electric motors in the car yeah like that. But when it comes to the drive, for me there is nothing more sensual than a nitro.

vibration, smell and noise it makes for me the Emotion when Driving. Even if electric cars are undisputed strong and spontaneous speed than most gasoline engines, it lacks to me of Lust and passion. Of the rational questions of how the electricity is generated, we want to be with you all the procedures, or where all the Lithium for the many batteries to come here, not to mention.

According to skeptical, I’ve seen so far, models such as the Nissan Leaf or the Renault Zoe, and even the great Tesla’s or the Jaguar I-Pace were able to impress me, but not permanently delight. And then the Audi e-tron comes on suddenly.

Yes, he looks like any other SUV from Audi. The new Single-Frame grille and the fake cooling fins on the car floor, where the huge battery is hidden, make the first electric car from Ingolstadt for a long time no looker. The Tesla or Jaguar to do better.

And perhaps this is also the reason why the test car, I was on the go, still its striking prototype of stickers though is it corresponds to long since the series, the car was already unveiled a few weeks ago, and it comes at the end of 2018 for 79.900 euros and up at last in the trade.

With a 408 HP and 664 Nm of two electric motors, with 5.7 seconds from zero to 100 kph, with a Top speed of 200 km/h and a norm range of a good 400 kilometers, in the strict WLTP cycle, he is also just fine average.

One-Pedal-Drive it

the Audi e-tron, However, there is a button that you can find in any other electric car: the switch for the ESP. You can’t choose the e-tron only a seven-minute profiles, but for the first Time the ESP off and with the whole of the starting torque of the E-machine play.

You can let the tail come up, you can take the curves cross in the Drift as in the time of Walter Röhrl during the storm on Pikes Peak and can dance with the two-tonne truck through the slalom alley, as everything would be dropped weight from him. And no matter how wild it drives it, too: Even without ESP, the variable power distribution of the electric four-wheel drive starts the car again before it gets really dicey.

of all things Audi, the brand, the car with its clinically cool perfection even a super sport like the R8 made a precision tool that helps the electric car to finally to emotions.

I don’t care that Bayern have forgotten about the so-called One-Pedal Driving, with the other electric cars, a new driving style to proclaim, because it is delayed, if you only take the foot of Gas. First of all, I’m barely even able to step on the brake. And secondly, I want to give it at least here and today, nothing as a Gas, pardon power.

unlike the competition, the fun is not of short duration. Audi has specifically led to a cooling circuit through the motors. Where other Stromer after one or two Sprints to go in the emergency, and with only half the strength to compete, you can try out the launch control on the Audi over and over again, and at least up to 120 km/h also makes a lot of fun.

drifting, until the doctor comes, Slalom with schlenkerndem the rear and a cavalier start after the other – only stupid, that this Gimmick for the everyday life brings of course nothing. Just as the four-wheel drive capabilities, the demonstrated Audi test drives are impressive, and the car with its standard-fitted air suspension to five centimeters aufbockt.

If you don’t drive with a normal SUV to the site, you will not make it with an electric car. Finally, there are even fewer charging stations.


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