August Kubicek: what happened to the only friend of Adolf Hitler

History 24/02/20 August Kubicek: what happened to the only friend of Adolf Hitler

Most historians call Aug Kubitschek only friend of Adolf Hitler. Kubitschek himself said that will never betray the friendship with the Fuhrer. Supposedly in solidarity with Hitler, he even joined the Nazi party. But is it all really was, as told Kubitschek?

They were tied up art

August Kubitschek was born in 1888 in the Austrian Linz in a rather prosperous family. His father had his own upholstery shop and wanted his son to follow in his footsteps. According to William Shearer, the author of the book “the Rise and fall of the Third Reich”, August to oppose the parent was learned his father’s craft and became the successor of the dynasty. In fact, Kubitschek wanted to be a conductor, so in parallel with work in the Studio and studied music. It is music that brought Aug Kubitschek with Adolf Hitler. Kubitschek and Hitler met in 1904 standing in the stalls at the Linz theatre and quickly moved closer.

Soon the friends went together to Vienna, where, according to Sergei Voropaev, author of the book “encyclopedia of the Third Reich”, they took two one apartment for Stumper-Allee, 29. Augustus decided to enter the Conservatory, and Adolf was going to devote his life to painting. However, if the first was adopted in an educational institution, then second given the heave-Ho. About his failure, Hitler didn’t tell anyone. While Kubitschek studied his friend the grandiose plans and cherished hopes that one day he will still enter the Academy of arts. But Hitler has failed. However, a career in music Aug Kubitschek also not developed came the First World war.

the Resumption of communication

after Returning from the front, August Kubitschek did not continue education in a Conservatory, and led the municipality of Eferding. However, the music he was fond of still and watched the rapid browneroy his friend Adolf Hitler. Kubitschek did it through the press, as by that time his relationship with Hitler was broken. As he recalled Kubicek in his memoirs, “the Führer what he did not know anybody. Memories of the best friend of Hitler. 1904-1940,” he decided to write to Hitler when he took the post of Chancellor of Germany. Surprisingly Adolf replied August. Hitler reported that he is very happy news from a friend, and was invited Kubitschek to his guests.

However, the failed conductor didn’t go anywhere, considering that the invitation of Adolf Hitler was of a formal nature. So they met only after 5 years in Linz, where once met. Hitler arrived with a working visit. According to Rupert Colley pages of his book “Hitler” buddies for hours reminiscing. In the end, Hitler suggested the Airport again to pick up the baton and, apparently, promised his support. But August refused. But the proposal of the Fuehrer concerning the tuition of three sons, Kubitschek gladly accepted. They saw each other twice: in 1939 and 1940 at music festivals in Bavaria.

the Conclusion and publication of the memoirs

the Meeting with Adolf Hitler August Kubicek called the happiest hours in my life. That is why in 1942, when the career of Adolf Hitler began to droop, Kubitschek tried to support him, joining the NSDAP. Although the August claimed to have always been against the national socialists. In addition, Kubitschek continued to keep letters and gifts from Hitler. As argued by August (“The Young Hitler I Knew”, August Kubizek), and in December 1945 he had to hide in the basement of his home in Everdingen. He was soon arrested by the Americans and more years spent in the camp of Glasenbach. As suggested by Kubitschek himself, let him go only because it is not found in the house nothing wrong with that.

In August, the Kubitschek was in 1947. It took a long time to write a memoir about Hitlerre, but in 1951, the light still came his first book. Kubitschek publicly announced that “no force on earth that could force him to betray the friendship with Adolf Hitler.” After 5 years, Aug did not. It is noteworthy that Austrian lawyer Franz Ettinger, the author of the book “Hitler’s Youth” (“Hitler’s Youth”, Franz Jetzinger), Kubitschek was accused of lying and built the list of facts that in the stories of the friend of the führer was not true. However, the author of the book “the Life and death of Adolf Hitler” by Robert Payne (“Life and Death of Adolf Hitler”, Robert Payne) describes the error detected by the lawyer are irrelevant.

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