One of the Surprises at the Auto China in 2019, in Shanghai, the Chinese manufacturer Novat, the one with the ME7 is not only a remarkable mid-size SUV, but his followers also of a four-door luxury coupé dream. The Novat on the Front, rear and side line shows a clear Resemblance to the Porsche Panamera, is expected to remain the most visitors barely concealed. And if Porsche copy, then please really bad as Zedriv with his electric GT3, a misshapen mixture of a smaller, Porsche 911 and Cayman. At least the leaders of the Zedriv stretching the thumb in this Design is high – but probably the only. This is also true for the BAIC BJ 80, the mimes for years, the leaked Mercedes G-class – with modest success.

The study of the Nio ET looks great; sporty Coupélimousine it can hold, without question, also with a Tesla Model S or Audi A7. But The Moment. The Nio ET the Audi A7 is not from the front, something similar to and at the rear, memories of the electric Tesla Model S? Maybe it’s just the LED-lighting units have a dream about. In any case, the appropriate series is a model that is still something to wait for. First of all, should be brought according to the statements of Nio-Vice-President Jack Cheng, the two electrical SUV type ES8 and ES6 in larger volumes on the road before the third Nio becomes a reality.

Toyota Tundra greetings. Even if the Japanese Full-Size miles SUV in the United States is far behind the overpowering competition of Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silverado and Dodge RAM after driving, it seems the Chinese automaker Haval to be like very good. The at the Auto China in Shanghai, as shown Pick Up is cut to the generously sized compared To in the US market, especially from the front as from the face.

The Smart Forfour, is currently produced by the French cooperation partner Renault in Novo Mesto, in many markets, anything other than a Bestseller. To get now only as an electric model and 2023 set to take place in the four-seat Smart in China, but not for the first Time, competing lovers. Because of the Ora and R1, an electric car with a 35-Kilowatt synchronous motor, especially in the case of side-line and exaggerated proportions to the current Car. In the optional two-color paint finish you can even see the inspired Tridion safety cell. The face is likely to come from one or the other Japanese Kei-Car. The Whole, there are small a number, because the Oshan E1 can get neither at the Front and rear, dimensions and proportions are Similarities to the Smart Fortwo – in the meantime only as an electric model-to – hide. However, the Oshan E1 is not the only group model that has been plagiarized. Because of the Oshan GT SUV sees the outlet ends of the Ford Kuga, especially from the front as from the point of cut.



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