he Is? Kevin Hart thinks about the Oscars in 2019 to moderate

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American comedian and actor Kevin Hart (39, “Central Intelligence”) is, under certain circumstances, but not willing to, the Moderation of the upcoming 91. To let the Oscars go. Actually, he had pulled out of the prestigious Job after-year-old homophobic Tweets were transported from him to the light of day. However, in TV Interview with Ellen DeGeneres (60), it was now clear that the Academy door seems to be anything other than closed to Hard.

“I called the Academy, because I really want you to host the Oscars”, revealed, finally, DeGeneres. The response of the decision-makers was, in your words, euphoric: “We want to be, that he moderated. We have the feeling that he understood perhaps incorrectly, it was not communicated properly. But we really want to, that he moderated.”

white Hart that he had made a mistake

In an unusually serious manner, told the comedian that he was aware of his guilt and regret to have these words published. He emphasised, however, how much someone wanted to bring his reputation into disrepute: “This was no accident, but an attack. It was no coincidence that a day after I appeared to get the Job, these Tweets from 2008. (…) I have over 40,000 Tweets. To work through 40,000 Tweets up to the year 2008 is a attack. An attack on my character, to finish my career.”

Because of the “Internet-trolls,” he still doubts, to take on the Oscar-Moderation, to which DeGeneres replied, “But if you don’t do it, you have won.” She was also sure that the Academy has been engaged for a good reason is still no replacement because you hope that Hard-on 25. February will be on the stage at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. After all these words, Hart said finally: “I promise you that I will think about this conversation.” DeGeneres will find out soon as the first of his decision.



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