Ariel Winter has almost 14 pounds removed

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“Modern Family”Star Ariel Winter (20) fought back on Instagram against speculation, which claimed that it had removed because they take drugs. That she has lost so much weight, however, there is another explanation.

In the comment column to your new year’s photo, on which you see together with her boyfriend, Levi Meaden (31, “Breaking In”), stated Winter is that you’ve lost because you’ve changed your antidepressant. Her psychiatrist had one of the drugs sold by the you weight have, your a different antidepressant was prescribed, which regulate your metabolism better.

you can to the support of their Fans

A User had previously claimed that they have taken cocaine and Meth, and so the 14 pounds I lost. Fans jumped up, the actress to one side and meadows to the Troll then, that the Winter train regularly in the gym.



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