Miesbach/Bad Tölz – On a day of no train this is the experience of the commuters in the Oberland behind. Since Sunday, nothing went to the South of Holzkirchen in part until Tuesday. The blame for the standstill of the chief of the Bavarian oberlandbahn, Fabian Amini has, but.

Rather, there was negligence in the case of DB power, the railroad subsidiary is to provide for the maintenance of the railroad responsible. “The web has too late and too little capacity for snow removal,” said Amini of our newspaper.

The Problem began, so it represents Amini, on the Sunday morning before the start of operation. In Schaftlach, the bomb disposal is no longer to be appeared only at half past six o’clock, Soft snowed so much that the soft-heaters helped. Since the BOB-shares-haul in the feeders to Tegernsee and Lenggries, that was a Problem. One of the DB used “Räumlok” have surrendered.

not Till Sunday EOD

Also in other Places the DB had failed, properly. “In Schliersee, we have seen that on Sunday until 10 p.m. no bomb disposal for the railroad.” Why, don’t know Amini. In contrast, the BOB-in-chief praises demonstrative the Räumleistungen the Tegernsee railway, which the railroad maintains the section Schaftlach–Tegernsee. Four people are in continuous use EMS and snow plowing. Also, the snow plow of DB Netz comes over often, says the head of the Tegernsee railway, Heino Seeger.

snow on the Tracks is also hand. For example, the snow plow to the rooms, the Soft is more likely than not. Then, a worker had to rework quickly with the snow shovel. Also Seeger confirms that the DB network carefully enough, he speaks of “not-made homework”.

the DB pushes the blame on heavy snow

The DB network the problems on the heavy, wet snow that have hampered the Clearing. “Of course,” but you’ve prepared. “On Sunday a for several years of experienced sub-contractors on-site was in the snow removal.” However, the railway to the use had initially been underestimated. “Due to the extreme snow conditions, and heavier work were called for in the equipment downstream of” – hand-operated snow blowers, and wheel loaders have been brought in Position. A work had been stationed “as a further emergency measure” squad with chain saws, as well as a railroad crossing post.

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fortifies A part of the blame Heino Seeger from the Tegernsee railway also looks at the BOB. For example, you had used two locomotives with a snow plow. “But you don’t have to be sold, the other is ready for operation,” says Seeger, the former head of even the BOB.

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Dirk Walter


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