Shoes and socks off, the man behind the long hair in the face or throwing of garbage in the entire plane: The plane of human behavior, not infrequently, as it would have in the nursery in some corners missing. And sometimes, things that really no one has expected to happen.

air conditioner as a dryer for underpants

So in this case, on a flight of the Ural Airlines Antalya in Turkey, the wide some time ago into Russian, Moscow went. A woman was caught as she converted the air conditioning to a Laundry dryer – for your pants.

A passenger was so surprised by the action, that he thought the whole spectacle on Video. A woman keeps her white underwear over her head and against the air conditioning. The pants down is blowing in the Wind of the air flow.

A neighbor told the Portal MyPost, the woman was not even embarrassed in the most remote, while holding her underwear in front of all the eyes for about 20 minutes against the ventilation. “All watched with interest and confusion, but all were silent,” said the passenger.

solved The Video since it was put on Youtube, from the conflicting opinions that commented on the behavior of the woman. “Maybe the Start was so extreme, that it now needs to dry,” commented a User of the Video in a funny way. A different look at things more objectively: “The underwear is by any adults. Looks like it belonged to a child.”

Also interesting: Because a passenger suffered from severe flatulence on the plane had to make an emergency landing, the machine.



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