half of it is The Germans consume about 60 kilograms of meat per capita per year, pork. Are annually slaughtered about 60 million pigs, and almost six million tons of pork produced. These are enormous Numbers. Numbers, which can also lead to problems. Meat consumption is a matter of conscience for the consumer more and more often.

of Course, it is therefore the most obvious choice to forego animal products such as meat and sausage. A new study by Chinese scientists Gang Liu of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has considered the meat supply in all of Germany. Who would in this country to reduce his meat consumption considerably, could contribute a large proportion to climate protection. To do this, you will not need to be vegan, but it would already show effects, if you eat the whole animal, rather than just stainless parts such as Fillets. You can read more about this here.

A contribution for the environment

There are other possibilities, like you do when shopping in the supermarket for something for the environment can do without having to severely restrict. For example, you could start in order to avoid plastic-packaged food and better food to buy. Succeed now in most supermarkets. In more and more cities are also the so-called “non-open boxes”in stores. There you go – as our grandmothers of her time – with lockable containers made from glass shop, and the food fills. This saves a lot of packaging waste. Here you can read more about the “unpacked”stores.

What other tips we have for you, you can refer to the following set of images.


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