On a cruise so all of the hand is offered: Bars, Restaurants, Clubs, Casinos and much more to ensure that passengers will never be bored. But what actually happens, after all the passengers went on a cruise ship to sleep? An Insider blew the whistle.

cruise Insider: the Crew celebrates in the forbidden places

Not only tourists, but also the cruise Crew amused themselves on Board the ship. Only the usually takes place when travelers are sleeping already, or in places that get passengers rarely have to face.

The former cruise staff Joshua Kinser said in his new book, “Chronicles of a Cruise Ship” as the crew celebrates the night on the ship. The British Portal Express reported.

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“In the Crewbar the cruise party”, so Kinser begins. “As soon as the Bar is closed, currents of the crew members on the crew deck and continue, often until the security will be called. Then the crew members in the corridors, stairwells, rescue boats, broom cabinets, cabins, the cabins of other persons, wherever they can hide until the security was restored.”

He himself had participated in this type of celebration often when he was young. “Then I realized that two hours of sleep and full time work at sea particularly compatible. A realization that most of us make it to your thirtieth birthday, after our brain is fully developed.”

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