Update from 30. March, 2019: the Pilot of The crashed aircraft, with the Argentine professional football, Emiliano Sala on Board had apparently allowed on the day of the disaster no longer stand out. As reported by the BBC, is said to have been the British, David Ibbotson, the Night rating, because he was color blind.

On the evening of the 21. January Sala (28) and Ibbotson came the crash of a machine of the type Piper Malibu over the English channel died. At the end of February had not been informed by the investigators that Ibbotson had a commercial pilot’s license. The plane was supposed to bring Sala to the glory of his change from FC Nantes to Cardiff City from France to the UK.

Update vom 26. February 2019: The British authority, Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) is investigating the tragic crash of the footballer Emiliano Sala in a small plane over the English channel. In a report, the authority has now published in addition to further Details, also photos of the plane-wrecks. Were shot the images of an underwater robot.

+ An image of the AAIB shows the Piper Malibu-machine, before the crash.© AFP / HO

In the report the AAIB says that the aircraft was severely damaged: The main part was pulled, therefore, in three pieces, which would be only held by the cables together. The engine was detached from the Cockpit and the rear part of the machine was broken in the area behind the wings from the front. The report is only a summary. A final Report will be developed.

+ Using an underwater robot, which the AAIB took pictures of the airplane wreck.© AFP PHOTO / AAIB + With an underwater robot, the AAIB took pictures of the airplane wreck.© AFP PHOTO / AAIB

Up to then would be evaluated, among other things, Radar information, to be able to understand what has happened in the last minutes before the crash. On a crash-cause you don’t want to set so far: “The investigation continues to review all relevant operational, technical and organizational aspects and human factors which could have contributed to the accident”, – stated in the report.

+ Using an underwater robot, which the AAIB took pictures of the airplane wreck.© AFP PHOTO / AAIBAbsturz Emiliano Sala: New Details on flight and Pilot

Update vom 25. February 2019: the Pilot of The crashed aircraft, with the Argentine professional football, Emiliano Sala on Board apparently had no commercial license. The British investigators have informed on Monday in a preliminary report on the crash on the 21. January over the English channel. However, the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB), the transport authority for aircraft accidents came to the realization that the trip had probably been used as a “private flight” will be allowed. Accordingly, the British Pilot, David Ibbotson, and the passenger would have to split the cost.

“The base of the passenger with N264DB was promoted, is not yet determined. But before the Pilot passengers had carried on a cost-shared basis”, – was stated in the AAIB interim report. For a commercial license is significantly more training and flight hours are required, as in the case of a private pilot’s license. It was unclear whether Ibbotson was allowed to fly at night.

Sala had come to the seal of his change from Nantes to Cardiff in the crash of the plane on the way from France to his new club at the age of 28 years died.

Update from 21 February 2019: Because of the Fans set fire to, in honour of the died football professionals Emiliano Sala in the stadium pyrotechnics, the French football-only FC Nantes-tier pay a penalty. The disciplinary Committee of the French football League LFP imposed against the Ex-Club of the dead fines in the amount of 16 500 euros and 4500 euros, as the League announced.

against FC Nantes imposed penalties relating to two matches: one against AS Saint-Etienne at 30. In January, a few days after the Disappearance of the aircraft, and the one against Olympique Nîmes on 10. February, shortly after the salvage of Salas body from the English channel.

How to French media reported on Thursday, citing the League, as it was reduced penalties because of the “special context” for the Matches against Saint-Etienne. Pyrotechnics is prohibited in the French stadiums.

Emiliano Sala: now follows the separation of the armed?

Update from the 12. February: After the funeral of Emiliano Sala is a dispute over the release of the soccer professionals is now threatening to ignite. Reason: Sala should you may have an invalid contract at FC Cardiff signed. The British Portal telegraph reported. This was the result of a legal Review on the part of the FC and Cardiff, which should clarify whether the Association must pay the transfer fee of 16 million euros to FC Nantes.

Update from the 12. February, 10.30 am: The case of a plane crash lost their lives Argentine professional Emiliano Sala is thought to the major European football stage. As the European football Union (UEFA) announced on Tuesday, will be held before all Games in the Champions League and the Europa League this week, a minute of silence. The club would also be an Option, with black ribbon aground.

“In the name of all UEFA members, I would like to Express to the family and friends of Emiliano Sala my sincere condolences for your loss,” UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin quoted in a message. The death of 28-year-old Sala was confirmed last Thursday, after his body had been recovered from the wreck in the English channel, ousted small aircraft.

machine with Sala and the British pilots David Ibbotson was at 21. January, around 20 kilometres North of the channel island of Guernsey disappeared from the Radar. Sala was originally going to go for 17 million Euro transfer fee from the French club FC Nantes at the Welsh club Cardiff City on the island. SID

Update from the 11. February, 17.31 PM: The Argentinian footballer Emiliano Sala died in the plane crash over the English channel to head and torso injuries. This is the result of the autopsy, which was released on Monday in English Bournemouth. The 28-Year-old wanted to fly three weeks ago from France to his new club Cardiff City according to Wales. Over the English channel to the propeller machine with the previously for the FC Nantes, active footballer and his pilot disappeared screens on Board the radar.

After almost two weeks of searching, the plane was discovered on the sea floor. Is gone, until today, the body of the pilot, David Ibbotson. His wife and daughter asked urgently to look for it. Donations are to support it.

Tasteless action after the death of Emiliano Sala – two-Fans

Update from 10. February, 13: 41: Two Fans of Premier League club Southampton have been arrested because of a mocking gesture in relation to the death in a plane crash accident professional footballer Emiliano Sala. “Such behavior has no place in our game and will not be tolerated,” said the Association in a Statement.

+ of The footballer Emiliano Sala was missing after a flight – now there is a sad certainty.© AFP / LOIC VENANCE

The Fans to go in the game against Cardiff City (1:2) with arms outstretched on a plane and were questioned by the police. “Southampton can confirm that two Fans were arrested by the police”, – stated in the message. The club team Manager Ralph Hasenhüttl had an extremely uncompromising attitude, and announced to block the Fans.

contributed To honor Salas, the professionals of both Teams warm-up Shirts with the photo of the 28-Year-old, in addition, there was a minute of silence. Just a few days ago, the corpse of the Sala had been recovered and identified. Sala, along with the pilot, David Ibbotson on 21. January in a small plane over the English channel crashed. Cardiff City had committed to the Argentines for the club-record transfer fee of 17 million euros from the French first division club FC Nantes.

Update from the 8. February, 0.07 PM: It was only a matter of time – but now it is a sad certainty: Emiliano Sala is dead. As the police of Dorset, confirmed on Twitter, from the wreck of that recovered from the dead body of the footballer. “The body was brought to Portland, Oregon, was identified as Emiliano Sala. The families of Sala and the pilot, David Ibbotson were informed. Our thoughts continue to be with you.“

The message made in Argentina for the affected reactions. The head of state, Mauricio Macri spoke on Twitter of a “painful message”. He spoke of family, friends and Acquaintances Salas expressed his condolences. Also, the Argentine football Association AFA expressed to the families of the striker to extend his condolences.

The body was recovered on Wednesday, and on Board of the vessel “Geo Ocean III” to the port of the island of Portland in the South of England, where he arrived on Thursday. Attempts to salvage the plane wreckage, failed due to bad weather. The air accident investigators expect but from the underwater shots reveal the cause of the disaster. This month you want to submit a first report.

Emiliano Sala: First body from the plane wreckage salvaged

Update from the 7. February 2019, 8: 30am: a few days ago, the downed aircraft is missing Argentine football professionals Emiliano Sala discovered body has been recovered. The British air accident authority, confirmed by the AAIB, as the news Agency PA reported on Wednesday night. The authority had not communicated to who, exactly, it was in the body.

“In difficult conditions, it is managed to the specialists, to recover the corpse from the wreck. The families concerned have been informed about the progress,“ said the AAIB. The corpse is now a coroner investigated.

Emiliano Sala wanted on February 21. To fly from France from his new club (Cardiff City) to Wales. During the flight across the English channel, the prop plane disappeared, with the 28-Year-old and his pilot but from the radar screens. In the later, the target machine then the body had been discovered.

Attempts to recover the plane have so far been unsuccessful. The machine is according to the PA at a depth of approximately 67 metres to the North of the channel island of Guernsey.

Emiliano Sala: investigators confirm the tragic images of plane wreckage

Update from the 4. February 2019, 12.56 PM: How the British investigation Board AAIB also on Monday afternoon, confirmed on the video recordings of the wreck a corpse. Whether it is Sala or to the British pilots, remained open in the first place.

“In consultation with the family of the pilot and the passenger, as well as with the police will now be tested in the next steps,” said the authority. The published images show the “left rear” of the fuselage.

“I can’t believe it, this is a nightmare,” Salas, father Horacio quoted in the Argentine television. Until recently, the family of the 28-Year-old in the Winter from FC Nantes at the Welsh club Cardiff City wt had was echselt, for a miracle, hoping. A fundraiser, in which many Top players involved, had the continuation of the search to the last.

The hired expert David Mearns said that his Team have identified the wreck based on the registration number. “The biggest Surprise was that the largest part of the plane was still there,” he said.

of Missing footballer Emiliano Sala: Crashed plane wreck finder

Update of 3 found. February 2019: Nearly two weeks after the Disappearance of the footballer Emiliano Sala in a flight over the English channel, the private wreck finder David Mearns discovered the crashed Propeller plane. This he said on Sunday on Twitter. The families Salas and the pilot had been informed by the police. He also set the British aviation authority, the AAIB about the location. A spokesman for the AAIB confirmed this on Sunday evening, the AFP news Agency. The plane with the 28-year-old footballer and the British pilots was 21. January, around 20 kilometres North of the channel island of Guernsey disappeared from the Radar.

Earlier, France had been discovered in the North-probably from the plane strain at the end of the seat parts. On Sunday, the search for the single-engine plane under water had begun. A sonar in an area of 13 square kilometers, should be investigated device. Details of the Fund were not initially known. The AAIB spokesman announced Monday in a statement.

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Sala wanted to switch from the French Club FC Nantes to Cardiff City in Wales. 21. January, he had picked up in the training centre of Nantes, his things, before he is made with a propeller-type machine Piper PA-46 Malibu on the way to the UK.

footballer Emiliano Sala misses: authorities launch underwater search

Update from the 3. February 2019: According to the information of aviation accidents, the competent British authority, the AAIB, the special vessel “Geo Ocean III has arrived” on Sunday morning.

The sonar-equipped boat to search the sea floor after the plane. In addition, a privately financed vessel will be used. According to the AAIB, a three-day search using the special ship is planned, the search of the private ship, however, should go further, “until the plane is located,” said the AAIB.

First parts of the aircraft showed up – search for Sala will be re –

Update vom 30. January 2019: More than a week ago, the machine with Emiliano Sala disappeared on Board from the Radar. Since then, an intensive search of the football player could not detect a trace. Now, apparently, parts of the aircraft have surfaced.

How Marca reported, were rinsed two seats out of a plane on the French coast. First investigations showed that the seat could include cushions to the Piper PA-46 Malibu, with the Sala and Pilot David Ibbotson probably crashed. The Air Accidents Investigation Branch, in short, the AAIB, has now identified an area in which the search for the Missing and the plane will continue.

However, the authorities are able to start due to the weather conditions and the sea swell was only towards the end of this week with the search. These should last, according to an AAIB spokesman three days.

+ On the French coast, parts of the aircraft were found, with Emiliano Sala is gone.© AFP / JEAN-FRANCOIS Moni aircraft apparently crashed: search for missing property football player now

Update from 27. January 2019: Actually, the search for Emiliano Sala (28) and the presumably downed plane on Thursday by the police has been set. But now, she was accepted thanks to private donations. “Fox Sports”Journalist Christian Martin released a Video on Twitter. That was filmed from a plane over the English channel, according to Martin’s information, close to the point where the Signal from the machine, sat in the Sala, disappeared. “The private search of family and friends has begun. Here we will help where we can and keep you up-to-date. To Emiliano and the Pilot are found,“ writes the Journalist on Twitter.

Emiliano Sala: search should go on, Even FC Bayern Munich Star among the donors?

Update vom 26. January, 2019: The local authorities set search for the missing professional football player Emiliano Sala could be continued thanks to a private fundraising campaign, such as “sport.sky.de” reported. Already hours after the Start on Friday to be on the account “NoDejenDeBuscar” (don’t Listen to the search) to the “gofundme”, a has been collected as a Crowdfunding well-known fundraising platform, over 100,000 euros. On place four of the Name Ilkay Gundogan appears, according to the report, with 2,000 euros, in Germany in the service of the English champion Manchester City the national player. Is also mentions a 1000 Euro donation by “Corentin Tolisso”, whether the player is actually FC Bayern, is unclear.

+ On this page, the donations will be collected© Screenshot “gofundme”

search in Hamburg: Giselle K. missing: 15-year-old girl disappeared, the police asks for help

Monstrous suspicion against pilots

Update vom 25. January, 15.33 PM: The British Times reported that the Pilot of the machine, with the Emiliano Sala on-the-go was a private, but not a commercial pilot’s license have owned. The number of passengers as the football player of Cardiff City, he would have been permitted, therefore, to not carry. For more flight hours would have been needed.

in Addition, the Pilot did not leave in a Facebook Post hinted that he was with the technology of the aircraft, one hundred percent familiar. About this outrageous suspicion reported by the Daily Mail among others.

Emiliano Sala misses: members with emotional appeal

Update vom 25. January 2019, 9.57 PM After the sister of the missing football professionals Emiliano Sala and his father begged the authorities, the search for the presumably over the English channel downed 28-Year-old.

“The only thing I ask is to continue the search. He can’t be just disappeared,” said Horacio Sala local media in his Argentine place of residence Progreso.

Already on Thursday, Salas sister Romina, who flew from Argentina to Cardiff had said, in front of TV cameras: “please, Please, please, stop the search. I know in my heart that Emiliano is still alive.”

Terrible suspicion: diver missing Christa E. search under the ice

Missing Emiliano Sala: search set – case not

Update from the 24 closed. January, it works 16.55 Uhr: the search for The presumably over the English channel crashed a professional footballer Emiliano Sala has been set on the Thursday final. This is the police of the British channel island of Guernsey informed.

“We have taken this difficult decision after we have reviewed all the information again, also in terms of the emergency equipment on Board the aircraft,” it said in a Statement from the relevant harbour master, David Barker: “The chances of Survival are extremely low.”

Even if the active search is over, not going to closed the case. All planes and ships in the area were encouraged to keep to the allegedly damaged plane on the look-out. “This will continue without a time limit,” said Barker.

Up to Thursday had been witness to three days of three airplanes and five helicopters, 4400 square kilometers searched. Of the machine with Sala no trace had been discovered.

man missing: police are searching with a helicopter and call for more Details

Missing Emiliano Sala: Emotional Statement in La Liga: “hang in there”

Update from the 24. January, 15: 28: early Thursday, the rescue plane took off on the desperate search of the Argentinian professional football player Emiliano Sala and the English pilots and David Ibbotson, but on Board was a little hope.

sections were Scanned on the third day after the supposed crash, different coast, and walk to the small island of Burhou. “No trace of the aircraft or of the persons found on Board,” informed the police on the channel island of Guernsey. In all Efforts it is a fact that, Given the low water temperatures of around ten degrees, the survival chances for the two men was close to Zero.

This is the opinion of the harbour master Guernsey, David Barker represented. However, he acknowledged: “In the water, you could survive maybe three hours, but you are in a boat, would be the period of time is greater.” Whether Sala and the 60-year-old Pilot, however, had access to such, is unclear.

were But even in a lifeboat, your chances, in view of the weather conditions are poor. “The conditions in the channel are hard, the Wind is very strong,” said John Fitzgerald, of for the search planes of the channel island officer in charge, the news Agency AFP, “even the toughest would have to be out there really hard to survive over such a long period of time.”

The concern for the fate of the missing striker continued, meanwhile, continued unabated. When 2:0 FC Sevilla in the Spanish Cup quarter-final against FC Barcelona, for example, the French scorer Wissam Ben Yedder was dedicated to his goal of the Missing, revealed a T-Shirt with the inscription: “To my brother, hang in there, E. Sala.”

+ Ben Yedder takes for his goal celebration share in the crash of Emiliano Sala.© Reuters / Miguel morenatti cycle-free plane-photo: Shitstorm against Cristiano Ronaldo because of Emiliano Sala

Update from the 24. February, 7.29 am: a Tweet at the wrong time, Cristiano Ronaldo has caused a big Shitstorm. A day after the Disappearance of Eimiliano Sala and the plane in which the 28-Year-old was sitting, Ronaldo tweeted a picture of himself from his private jet.

On the photo, the Superstar keeps in the service of Juventus, his cell phone, to which a cable is connected, in the air and looks up, smiling, as he would shoot a Selfie. The posted picture is not a Selfie. Signed it with three Emojis: A smiling face, a plane and a thumbs-up sign. This was not good at all.

the English football condemned-legend Gary Lineker Ronaldo’s Selfie in a Retweet. “This is not the day for this Tweet. Really not,“ wrote the TV expert. Other Twitter Users showed Tweet their displeasure about Ronaldo.

Incredibly, a user will find the photo and accused Ronaldo of insensitivity and selfishness. Another writes, shocked, “Really? Today?“. Another writes simply that there is no good Timing ghave been.

German Users have reacted to the Ronaldo-photo. Embarrassing and shameful one finds the Tweet of the Portuguese. Another user responds with a hard irony to the evil faux pas of Ronaldo.

Emiliano Sala: rescue workers see no chances of Survival more

Update vom 23. January, 16.20 PM: The lost Emiliano Sala can no longer be recovered, according to the rescue workers alive. The air rescue service to Channel Islands Airsearch, declared at the request of the German press Agency. After about 40 hours in the water, there is virtually no chances of Survival for the 28-year-old Argentine and his pilots, a spokeswoman said. The search is continuing. It was now a salvage operation.

Three planes and a helicopter were on Wednesday deployed, police said. Also, satellite and mobile phone data would be evaluated. By noon, however, was nothing discovered which could provide a clue to the missing plane.

Emiliano Sala: Four scenarios of the rescue, according to police possible

Update vom 23. January, 11.27 PM: The police said four possible rescue scenarios: The plane could be landed on water and the passengers had made it onto a lifeboat, which would have been on Board. Also possible: A passing ship could have read all of the passengers. The other two opportunities for a landing at a different location, or that the machine had crashed on the water.

Emiliano Sala: father confirmed in a voice message – a Dramatic, Whatsapp probably

Update vom 23. January, 10.01 PM: The father of Emiliano Sala has confirmed the sent voice message. The newspaper Clarin reported.

“If you hear in one and a half hours from me: I don’t know whether to send someone, you won’t find me anyway. Dad, I’m so scared,“ father Horacio. To listen in the Background, its engine sounds.

search for the plane resumed – Live Sala?

Update vom 23. January, 9.15 PM: The police of the British island of Guernsey has announced that they have resumed the search for Emiliano Sala on Wednesday morning. Two aircraft are searching in the areas where the largest probability to find something. Based on the studies of the currents and the weather, since then, Sala is missing.

“I’m scared”: Emiliano Sala wrote dramatic Whatsapp before the Disappearance of the machine

Update vom 23. January, 6.09 PM: The footballer Emiliano Sala has sent before his Disappearance, apparently, a message in which he announced the possible tragedy. “I’m in the airplane that looks as if it will fall apart, and leave for Cardiff. If you have one and a half hours of no news from me, I don’t know if sending someone to search for me, because you won’t find me. I’m so scared,“ wrote Sala, according to media reports, before the flight via Whatsapp to friends.

people in Nantes, the city of his Ex-club, gathered together and prayed for the players.

+ In Nantes some of the share increased by they laid down flowers. © AFP / LOIC VENANCE

In the machine was the single-engine small aircraft of the type Piper PA-46 Malibu. Country men, such as the legend Diego Armando Maradona in the hope that the plane has just driven to the wrong airport, and he still lives.

+ Piper PA-46 Malibu – In a machine similar to this, rose Sala. (Archive image). © picture-alliance/ dpa/dpaweb / Norbert försterling emiliano Sala misses: aircraft with professional football aboard untraceable

Nantes – A small plane with the Argentine professional football, Emiliano Sala on Board, disappeared on Monday evening on the flight from Nantes to Cardiff, around 20 kilometres North of the channel island of Guernsey. This is the local police announced Tuesday. It is believed that the machine in the channel is brought down. The water temperature is currently only about ten degrees.

A multi-hour search operation in the night was canceled due to strong winds, high seas and poor visibility are unsuccessful, on Tuesday morning, but with helicopters of the British and French coast guard resumed. On Board of the missing machine should have two people been found.

it was also canceled on Tuesday evening, the search operation for the missing plane. It is planned to firm on Wednesday, a new start – up, the investigators made, however, little hope for a rescue of the Missing. “Some of the floating objects were in the water-spotted. We could not say, however, whether they come from the missing aircraft. We have also found no signs of people on Board,“ informed the police on Tuesday evening. “If you have landed on the water, the chances of Survival, unfortunately, bad.”

Emiliano Sala: 17-million-Euro transfer fee for the striker

A multi-hour search operation in the night to Tuesday was cancelled due to strong winds, high seas and poor visibility, inconclusive. On Tuesday morning, the search with helicopters of the British and French coast was taken up guard again, in an area of more than 1000 square scoured miles.

The Pilot had asked, according to police, at the flight control on the neighboring island of Jersey, the flight altitude decrease. Thereafter, the contact with the Tower broke off. That Emiliano Sala was in the machine, confirmed the French authorities. The prospects of Survival of the three occupants are extremely low, the temperature of the water in the channel is currently only around ten degrees.

The 28-year-old striker Sala had met last Saturday, his move from the French first division club FC Nantes, he is playing in 19 League twelve times, to Cardiff City in the English Premier League perfectly. The Welsh are supposed to have paid a club-record transfer fee of around 17 million euros.

Cup game of the Ex-Association of Emiliano Sala canceled

“This is something Special for me,” said Sala after the signing of the contract about three and a half years. Cardiff is currently only in the table 18. “We are very concerned with Emiliano Sala,” said Cardiff City, “before we can say more, we need to have a confirmation.”

From “respect” to Emiliano Sala of FC Nantes announced to move for Wednesday’s scheduled Cup game against third division Entente SSG. On the Twitter page of the French club, the profile picture is now a photo of the gone players.

Cardiff City said: “We were very shocked when we had heard that the machine had been lost. We had expected Emiliano last night, and today is his first day should be with the Team. The first decision was that Training to cancel today, and to be in the thought at Emiliano and the pilot. We continue to pray for positive news,“ wrote Cardiff City in a message.

The crash occurred just three months after the accident, to Leicester City, the club boss Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha. The Thai billionaire was at the 28. October 2018, after the game his club from the square, with his helicopter started and behind the stadium crashed. Srivaddhanaprabha and four other occupants were killed. The misfortunes of football fans shook the world.

message from the 11. March, 2019: In a plane crash in Ethiopia, with a Boeing 737 Max 8, all the passengers are killed. There are first start-up prohibitions against the type of aircraft.



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