Always in a good mood, always a snappier slogan on the lips, with full use of the Shaker – this is the image many people have of Bartenders have. And this like to sign up. But the work can be in some moments, also to a burden on. The Klaus St. Rainer know. He has been working for more than 30 years behind the counter, trained at the Bar legend Charles Schumann, which opened the prestigious “Golden Bar” in Munich, Germany, is member of the Jury of the “World Class”competition, and published cocktail books. With the star, he talked about the challenges of his job, dealing with guests – and why he’s mixing a few Drinks never would.

Mr. Rainer, you have been working for 32 years in the Barwelt. The night work was never a Problem for you?

no, I chose Yes. With 19 I took, never again, before 12 o’clock to get up. With a few exceptions, I have managed until today. I even tried to work during the day, but that wasn’t for me.

How many Drinks you’ve mixed up today?

In a crowded Store, I mix about 500 Drinks in the evening. At five days per week and 52 weeks of the 130.000 Drinks are in the year. Overall, it is likely to have been about four million. Madness.

Why is it, despite the numerous books, websites and Youtube explainer videos still so many lousy Drinks? The lack of Knowledge it is likely to be Yes, actually.

That’s right. But there is no Test that you must pass in order to open a Bar. The is any free. When you eat, it is the Same: There are so many cooking shows, but the quality leaves a great deal to a number of Restaurants to your choice.

many chefs and bartenders to the experience?

It is, as in many other Professions, a dangerous Trend is that platforms like Youtube and Instagram can quickly make someone a Star. Because people suddenly come into positions where they don’t really have influence on people, Trends, and developments that have, in my eyes, yet the maturity for it. I always call to be a little more humility.

what do you mean?

I can’t understand how a young Bartender, who is just two years in the Job, the other is trying to explain the craft. Clearly there is talent and incredibly creative minds. But I know from myself, how long will it take until one really knows.

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you refer mainly to the technical skills. Dealing with the guest is a totally different thing. A colleague of yours said that, at times, as a bartender, you will work between a station mission and confessional.

The is without question among the daily challenges. Some of the things you should but also the Finger, because it is not trained for this. Charles Schumann says: care for a good Service, but was never too close to the guest. You have to protect a part of myself, this experience sooner or later, everyone.

do you Have an example from your career?

When I was very young, was a truck driver in front of me that was always sad and depressed. At some point he said to me that he had probably killed his wife. If he’ll be in jail, would take care of any children, therefore he had to go home now and kill you, too. And all of a sudden I was in a Situation I never wanted to be and I never was trained.

What went through your head?

I was wondering if I the man first calm down, or directly call the police. I was in a certain conflict. And, to be honest, it’s hard for me to talk about it, because at the time I made the wrong choice.

As the story went on?

I was overwhelmed with the Situation and the opinion, I must prevent him from not. I pleaded with him and begged him to do nothing. But when he went out to the door, it was clear to me – I would have had to call the police. I have read every day for two weeks, all the daily Newspapers from front to back, to see if a matching incident was reported. I had a long fight with self-accusations. That was a lesson to me. Today, I would call for such a statement to the police immediately.

As you build up a distance, so that something like this happens again?

we learn only gradually. One learns regulars automatically better, but it needs to go at the right Moment to take a step back. With experience, one not able to do so elegantly, that the guest takes on the true and still be in good hands feels. Maybe he thinks later on, unconsciously, “man, I wanted to tell yet”. But everything I don’t have to listen to me. For uncomplicated situations, I’ll give a tip. But I am neither a Confessor nor a psychiatrist.

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By Christoph Fröhlich

there Is something that bothers you to the guests?

Today, a modern, but incredibly dangerous Problem of the self-proclaimed Internet restaurant critics. Sites like Tripadvisor offer these people a platform. And you can use as a weapon.

is that usual?

we, fortunately, not so often. I’m not playing the game but also. Me to reply to every post, but I think it gives them an importance that does not have them at all.

justified is the criticism?

If I have negative comments read, I know is often exactly what the Situation was. Some give One-star reviews, because they wanted to sit on the terrace, but it was cloudy. Something like that is just unfair. Certainly we make mistakes, but then the people to talk directly with me. It comes to the criticism of culture.

Some of the guests seem to sit on a high horse.

Some, Yes. But overall, things improved. Our young guests are very well behaved and know. I’m in this job for 32 years and realize that today the people are much more educated in terms of quality and the products. You don’t need to explain more the Basics, the wishes of today are much more targeted. This makes it for all of the pages easier.

do you Feel uncreative when every guest knows hair small, what he would like to order?

There are colleagues who try to the host of your own ideas to sell. If I’m a guest, I am delighted because also, not over it. Sometimes you just want what you want. And his rest.

there Is something that you would not mix?

We have our Bar has a responsibility. Therefore, I brace myself against the mass trends, which are based on poor quality and much too much sugar. I can inspire people to something Better.

Would you mix in your Bar for a Long Island Ice Tea?


What do you do if someone ordered?

beverage trend Gin and Tonic remains in 2019, announced – but otherwise, as we know it so far

Difficult. It depends on the Situation and the people. Maybe I would suggest a Rum-Cola as an Alternative. Fortunately this is not happened to me in a long time.

it is not difficult as a bar owner’s life when it is against Trends?

in the Short term Yes, long term no. You know, for many people, the health awareness the food is very good. But in a Bar you shoot five Hugo with 100 grams of sugar. For those who are familiar with this know that sugar is the main culprit for the heavy head and the hangover the next day.

At the end of the Evening all the a are drunk around you and your Team are the only Sober in the room. This is not terrible?

This is the daily Job. I have worked most of my career in classical Bars. There was already handled very professionally. When someone comes in who has had too much to drink, allowed him to serve my employees, no more alcohol. Therefore, there is hardly any Trouble. The arises usually only when people have had a Drink too much. If you stop, you’re solving problems before they arise. The handling and sale of alcohol should be done responsibly. The noise is part of our Job. And with the well-kept, adult-to-noise I have no Problem. But the ecstatic rush, I can always start less.

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