Became known the protagonist of the prequel

Photos: the scene from the movie “the Hunger games” Director Gary Ross

the protagonist of the new novel by writer Suzanne Collins, “the ballad of the singing birds and snakes” will be Coriolanus snow (President of Panem), reports “gazety”.

reportedly, the plot of the book tells about the events that occurred in the 64 years before the events of “the hunger games”.

it is Expected that the writer will talk about how snow came to power in Panama. The book, according to the plans, will be released in may 2023 and later be filmed.

In February 2018 actress Jennifer Lawrence said that he had decided to take a break in career. The star of “the hunger games” has announced that it will spend free time for activist activities. Lawrence is already working with a non-profit organization Represent.Us, which deals with bribery and supports anti-corruption laws. Jennifer Lawrence long been involved in civic activism.

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