Moscow online: tour of the exhibition

Photos: Moscow 24/Igor Ivanko

on January 28 at the Central exhibition hall “Manege” will open the exhibition “Salvador Dali. The magical art”. The exhibition will present more than 180 works of the Spanish artist’s paintings, drawings, watercolors and engravings.

the display will be works from the collections of the Foundation “Gala – Salvador Dali” and the National Museum “Reina Sofia”. Also shown will be works from private European collections.

the exhibition will feature works ranging from the youthful impressionistic landscapes of the 1910-ies to the latest abstract canvases of the 1980s years.

the curators of the exhibition will tour especially for Moscow online. See the broadcast on January 28 at 10:30 on this page, or portal Moscow online. Stream may be delayed due to objective reasons, thank you for your understanding.