The cliché persists: An unmarried woman without children must be, especially if you are older than 35, to be unhappy. The renowned British behavioural scientist Paul Dolan, however, comes to an entirely different conclusion. According to him, unmarried women without children are happier than married women with children, they make even the happiest population group. About Dolan writes in his latest book, “Happy Ever After”, in which he quotes from various studies on the subject.

His findings, the Professor of behavioural research at the “London University of Economics, presented” in addition, last Saturday at the Hay Festival of arts and literature in Wales. There, he spoke according to the “Guardian” just as vehemently in the science applicable to the Thesis that married people are generally happier.

According to Dolan, this applies only “if your spouse is in the room, if you are asked how happy they are”.

behavior researchers: “A marriage pays only for men”

A marriage would pay off a maximum for men. These are then, according to the Professor balanced. And: “they take fewer risks, make more money and live longer.”

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For women, the does not apply, however, the researcher must make a restriction. Although women make happy, not to have children, you could be still more unhappy than women with children. Because of the Stigma that is attached to childless and unmarried women, could not so easily get rid of.

For clarification, Dolan asked the guests of the festival, to imagine, to make a stand-alone 40-year-old woman who has no children. Many would probably think: “What a shame!” and say: “Maybe someday you’ll meet the right man and it will change.” Dolan’s warning is: “no, maybe you hit the wrong man and that will change. Maybe she meets a man who makes you less happy and healthy, and die sooner.”

source: Guardian



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