Five hours took the birth of her little brother, and Nelle was there almost all the time. You bathed with mom and dad in the huge tub in the hospital in Ostend, Belgium. Also grandma was in the water and read to her from a picture book. In between, ate Nelle Popcorn. Her parents, Mieke and Joris had told her that mommy would get a Baby and that she didn’t want to bring it in the water on the world, because it hurts so. As her mother finally went into the small, clear birth tub, because the press started to blow, and fired Nelle you: “Push, momma, push!” And then she saw for the first Time Cisse – a tiny, slobbery creature that swam in the water.

most pain-free birth

For the Belgian maternity photographer Marijke Thoen, who captured this magical Moment was the birth of Cisse is a very special. “The family is very closely connected to each other,” she says. Miekes father accompanied the birth as a gynecologist, her mother as a Doula, as a non-medical birth assistant. Thouen published the photo with the consent of the family in the social networks. “On Facebook and Instagram it’s been deleted several times because it was the platform operators to explicitly”, says Thoen. You took it as censorship, and defended himself. The case made headlines, and Thoen received a lot of support. “I think birth photography and birth itself should be much normal in our societies.”


“Look who’s here!”, the doctor says, as he stands in April 2018 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, after a caesarean the Baby is cut across the surgical cloth. The parents Flavia and Bernardo laugh and cry. You don’t have a name for a boy. For three days, her son Tom only “he is”.

©Daniela Justus

every day of the year around 380,000 babies come to the world. In Western industrial Nations, mainly in Kreißsälen, almost every third child in Germany is now born by caesarean section. Not every procedure is performed for medical reasons. Many women fear the risks of a spontaneous childbirth, they want a planned, safe, pain-free birth.

photographer want to like Marijke Thoen strengthen the confidence of women in their own capacity to give birth again. Many of the images show how a expert company that creates security and trust, helps the women to endure the pain.

The International Association of professional birth photographers (IAPBP) was founded in 2010 by an American woman, even a mother of four. There are now in 42 countries, more than 1200 members – in Germany there are seven of them, among other things, in Freiburg, Kaiserslautern, Jena and Hamburg. Up to far above 1000 Euro, the photo costs a graphic reminder of the intense moments full of emotions, full of pain, strength, and relief, full of Pride and love.


the Doctors in the Dutch city of Leiden, in the case of an emergency C-section in July 2018 for the Baby from Nathalie’s belly, get not to burst the amniotic SAC. Through the amniotic fluid the baby’s head shimmers. “When I saw the expression on the face of my partner, it was clear to me that something Amazing is about to approach,” says the mother of the girl. The rare phenomenon is called a “caul”.

©Jessica Vink/

Belle Verdiglione works as a birth photographer in Perth, Australia, she has two children, the first was by caesarean section in the world. To cut “the second told me the Doctors again to an Emperor, but I didn’t want it.” It is a house was born. Your professional feels Verdiglione as a special challenge: “You’re going at night, rang out from the bed, the light in the Kreißsälen is terrible, but I don’t have to be very cautious with the flash light, in order not to disturb the women, everywhere, assistants scurry around, I’m tired and hungry, but I must stay awake and perform.”

Extreme feelings

For eight years Verdiglione works in this unusual profession, they faced again and again with extreme feelings. So a woman and her husband asked to be at the birth of a premature baby, 23. Week. “The parents didn’t know that it lived, but you wanted to have a photo of your child.” Also, the fact that a mother can’t stand the sight of the birth photos, has experienced Belle Verdiglione, even if only once. “The woman would have died at birth due to complications, almost, the memory of these hours was to endure difficult for you.”

Claire Arslanoski on the other hand, the mother brought the little perch on the world, and with their photo Verdiglione won the competition of the IAPBP 2019, is happy about the pictures. “We can’t wait until Zander is so old that we can show him – and to him the beautiful story of how he came to the world.”


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