It comes down to more than 1.3 billion Streams worldwide, and is talented, “disgusting”, like him, Johannes Oerding, attest to, and get this, according to Michael Patrick Kelly “the best girls”. In the fourth episode of “Sing my Song” everything revolved around singer Alvaro Soler can be termed because of its international successes, with good reason, as a “world star”.

In a refreshing contrast to his world star Status, the reserved, almost shy nature of the 1991 Barcelona-born singer, who works in the circle of his fellow musicians, always a little out of place. It’s hard to believe that this man has performed with Jennifer Lopez and worldwide, more than 2.5 million records sold.

Alvaro Soler: to be A world star in “Sing my Song”

he would have to tell really exciting stories, not only from J. Lo. In fact, this unassuming singer is a worldly man who speaks five languages fluently – and he is not even Japanese, even though he has spent seven years of his life there.

“Sing my Song” Ćwiertnia was too heavy – so Mark Forster came to his artist name Of Carsten Heidböhmer

Because he has learned the most important lesson the respect of others, plays Alvaro Soler – atypically for an artist of this rank – not in the foreground, told no juicy anecdotes from his life, but allows the music to speak.

With the help of the other artists so their work – most of them had never sung in Spanish. Noteworthy Performances were: The Belgian Singer-Songwriter Milow had his guitar for once, and turned the serene Hit “El Mismi Sol” in a gloomy, extremely bass-heavy Song. Jennifer also chose an original approach. They broke through this time, your Schema to interpret each Song in a Metal style, and delivered an unusually soulful Version of the ballad “Niño perdido”.

Johannes Oerding with the Performance of the Evening

The most honest statement of the Evening, however, comes from Johannes Oerding. The confessed that the Song “Sophia” has at times annoyed, because he was constantly on the Radio. For this reason, he has buttons up the song now advanced: “I wanted to make peace with the Song.” The managed amazingly well. “If you were a woman, I would kiss you right now”, and afterwards raved about Soler. A kiss was not, in this Oerding received at the end of the award for the best Performance of the Evening.

Also Alvaro Soler was happy. He afterwards felt the other Travelling much closer to he confessed. What do you think is the best compliment for an artist.



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