It was in 1994, as a Spanish BMW dealer was in need of money and a Bulgarian business man sensed his Chance. He bought from the dealer, 186 brand-new BMW E34. Eleven of these vehicles are car freaks discovered in a dilapidated warehouse in the southwest of Bulgaria.

Eleven of the BMW stand around unused for 25 years in warehouse

the Facebook page of Fans of BMW Bulgaria tells the story of the stock funds. To made already in the beginning of the year the classic car and there are rumors that the cars will be auctioned off for a lot of money. The was not so, and the cars are in a desolate condition.

The bargain, had hoped the business man in 1994, turned out to be quickly as a failure. According to the BMW Fans of Bulgaria the government of Bulgaria introduced a VAT and the price of the car increased by 20 percent, and the supposedly good business was out of the race.

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No documents, no Euro-Norm: BMW’s are hardly worth anything

Up to 2016, should be sold in 175 of the 186 BMW E34. The remaining eleven eked out an existence since then, in an old, damp warehouse. The hope is the findings now as new cars to sell, you need to bury the Explorer. Because the cars have no proper documents and do not correspond to the Euro standard.

in Addition, all eleven cars would have to be re-painted. Falling parts of the barn and rust had set the vehicles. Also, some of the discs had been broken and some cars were used as a warehouse for spare parts. A lot of value in the BMW were no longer thus.

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