Munich – risk drivers to go in vehicles with anti-lock braking system (ABS) on a slippery road surface in Winter in the iron. With ABS the car can usually still draw and still have enough trail to be stable, says the ADAC.

Step on the brake

This also applies to curves. The maximum power there is, however, only if drivers step on the Pedal fully and keep the pressure on. From the typical “Rattle” if you can not unsettle. This is a result of the control process. Don’t forget: In the case of emergency braking in General, also the clutch the engine dies.

In old cars without ABS for emergency braking, according to ADAC, also fully on the brake to rise. However, the car could break out. This is the case, quickly the brake is loosened on the steering Wheel to correct and then re-brake. In a curve the car slides straight ahead. Then releasing the brake, the wheels can be steered, steer and back to brake.

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Such a manoeuvre, drivers should learn better in a driving safety training, whether with or without ABS.

In the Winter, the following applies: pace out and go ahead to reserve for staying feeling full maneuver. The are particularly important, not only during braking, but also when Steering and accelerating. General tip: Not at the same time steer and step on the Gas, but better one after another.

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