Belarus will buy Russian oil at world prices

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow/Evgeny Samarin

the Belarusian oil company will buy Russian oil at world market prices. Special conditions are not required for this, reports RIA Novosti.

Minsk will continue to work with all constituent entities of the Russian oil market, noted the first Vice Prime Minister Dmitry Steep.

“the Russian side agreed that Belarusian refineries would buy the oil by agreement with the Russian oil companies at prices which are set in a world market,” he said.

Cool added that no exclusive conditions for the country to provide not have to, because Belarus is ready to buy oil at world prices.

Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed on this outcome and assured that Moscow will provide every assistance in the work of Minsk with Russian mining companies.

First Vice Prime Minister of Belarus added that the two Nations have long held talks on oil due to the fact that in Russia lasted for the Christmas holidays. Now the intensity of contacts increased.

it is Specified that in the near future, Russian energy Minister Alexander Novak needs to meet with the Belarusian side to determine new conditions on the market of the Republic.

Earlier it was reported that Moscow and Minsk have agreed on the supply of oil and gas. The parties agreed to keep the terms of the export of gas under the terms of 2019. In addition, it was noted that the oil supply will also be implemented on the same commercial basis.

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