Oh, how good it is to have mobile people with multiple car! As an incurable car friend, I am in the fortunate position to be able to at least reasonably assess what is the impact of cars on my moods. And is larger, than you might think at first glance, maybe.

people change constantly; no one is still who he was four or five years ago, neither physically, cells die and are re-formed or mentally, the Latter I hope, anyway.

Now, most people have multiple Automobiles at the same time. As a result, you can draw comparisons between cars, usually over a number of years, but one can trust the statements of people really, compare your current car with your car from ten years ago, when you were completely different? It is at least difficult.

it Has different Cars at the same time and the difference between these and ideally also some collectors I know, unfortunately, you can quickly find that, depending on the prevailing mood, preferably, the one or the other automobile.

But more interesting is the opposite way that affected his own moods active, by driving a specific automobile. Active influence assumes his moods aware of taxes. Something that most people think this would only work with drugs or candy.

In truth, but can be used pretty much every subject to feel in control, provided that it is available in different qualities. People who own only one car, can only take on the choice of the route, the music in the car and, at least limited, your driving style varied impact on your own moods.

– Driven the own feelings

The route selection is made depending on your place of residence, it is quite difficult. It is, for example, lives in a Metropolitan area such as the Rhineland, plays it to peak hours, in principle no role, exactly where you drive along, you will almost always be annoyed. In less densely populated areas you can use but, for example, if you’re very stressed, for example, instead of the usual highway a nice country road as the way home.

This of course assumes several things: that one has learned to feel exactly how you feel in a certain Moment. Surprisingly, not many people can do this but, they are Driven by their own feelings. For the Second you need of course also the appropriate automobile, this brings on such a country road then either relaxation or fun.

The easiest way is, of course, music in the car is active, but that, in turn, presupposes that one has an eclectic music collection on Board. Listen to the radio is generally not recommended, since it makes the control over music and themes, a flow and completely. A one-sided taste in music takes a in any case, lots of room for creativity.

The most difficult to control in strong emotional phases of his own driving style. Stressed-out people are almost never good motorists, abgeschlaffte.

we of simplicity assume that a mood on a normal day lasts several hours, can a person on several Cars reported, which differ significantly from each other, and is able to recognize his own emotional state quickly, these cars are now actively contribute to the improvement of his quality of life.

There are days for sports cars and days for limousines

that person Noted, for example, on a Wednesday, the work week was so far above average exhausting, and his nerves already in a state, it is usually only on a Friday, there probably is sense to leave the sports car and the luxury sedan to get there. A relaxed and especially quiet Cruising at moderate speeds, soothes many people, after a quarter of an hour the mind.

of Course, the reverse is the case: you Feel that your energy is just on a below-average Level and you might have an important appointment, it makes sense, more, more, more “low energy”, as President Trump would say, in his own life. In this case, a more exciting sports cars – the seat position can urge forward, Aesthetics and acoustics – a much healthier stimulant than, say, the fifth Espresso.

if you Want to enjoy a water sports day, you don’t need a fast or comfortable car, but one that offers plenty of space and in a sporty mood. Surf Bus, I hear your patter …

It could go on with endless examples, but one thing is clear: Oh, how good it is to have mobile people with multiple car.


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