History 14/03/20 “Belzeski beast”: what did the Nazi camp commandant, Josef Kramer

Commandant of the concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen, Josef Kramer, the prisoners had nicknamed “Belizensis beast”. After the Second world war he was declared a Nazi war criminal who is personally responsible for the death of tens, if not hundreds of thousands of innocent people. Kramer had a reputation no less cruel than the infamous matron Irma Dreams.

True Nazi

Josef Kramer was born on 10 Nov 1906 in Munich. He received his legal education and in 1931 joined the NSDAP, and in 1932 the SS. At first, he served in the prison security, and with the outbreak of war he guarded the concentration camps, including Dachau, Sachsenhausen, Mauthausen and Auschwitz (Auschwitz-Birkenau). In April 1941, Kramer was appointed commandant of the concentration camp Natzweiler-Struthof. He personally gave the order to destroy 80 prisoners brought to the camp from Auschwitz. Later their bodies were given for research Dr. August Chircu of Strasbourg University.
In 1942, Kramer received the rank of hauptsturmführer. In may 1944 he was again transferred to Auschwitz to supervise the operation of the gas chambers. In December of the same year he was transferred to the camp of Bergen-Belsen and was appointed commandant. With him in Bergen-Belsen moved most of the women guards, including Irma Dreams.
Josef Kramer was devoted to the ideals of Nazism. Representatives of “non-Aryan” ethnicities it’s just not considered people, so to them was absolutely ruthless and merciless. Precisely because it is valued and constantly improve on service. It is known that at least 80 prisoners Kramer had killed himself, with his own hands. To kill a man for him was like swatting a fly. And it didn’t matter, the man in front of him, pregnant woman, man or child. In addition, he liked to watch the torture and often mocked the victims personally, and inventionsI’m the most sophisticated methods of bullying.

Joseph and Irma – two of a kind

Kramer pictures can often be seen next to fair-haired young girl. This is the legendary Irma Dreams. Her, always walking in heavy boots and braided a whip in her hand, was called the “Blond devil”, “Angel of death” and “Beautiful monster”. She killed the prisoners to death, had set the dogs on them arbitrarily shot, used to their victims the most sophisticated physical and emotional torture. Hundreds of people Reveries, personally sent to the gas chambers.
She was insatiable in love. She attributed numerous intimate relationships with the guards of the camps. Among her lovers were and the commandant of Bergen-Belsen, Josef Kramer. There is even a version that they brought this cruelty towards prisoners.

Kara deserved

After 1945 the camp was liberated by the British military, Kramer had not left him, despite the fact that there were plenty of obvious evidence of ill-treatment of security detainees, and the camp was piled up a large number of unburied corpses of prisoners who had already began to decompose.
45 staff members of the camp staff were charged with the British military court in lüneburg in war crimes. November 17, 1945 Kramer, along with others were sentenced to death by hanging. On 13 December the sentence was executed in the prison of Hameln. The same fate was waiting for his mistress Irma Dreams. She never repented, and on the night before the execution, laughed and sang songs. When the executioner threw the neck irme a loop, she only said, “Faster.” She was only 22 years old.
it was rumored that Kramer, like many of the commandants and guards of concentration camps, kept a diary, in which, probably, described, and their atrocities against prisoners. However, his record has not been detected.

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