The death of Shukshin: what were the questions

Crime 13/03/20 frame of firmament Shukshin: what were the questions

Vasily Makarovich Shukshin – actor, Director, screenwriter and writer. His last work in film was the role of a soldier of Lopakhin in the film “They fought for the Motherland”. October 2, 1974, two days before the end of filming, which took place in the don stanitsa Kletskaya, Shukshin was found dead in the cabin of the ship “Danube”, on which the crew lived. The official diagnosis was heart failure. However, even before the funeral, many were convinced that Vasiliy Makarovich was killed.

Why rumors about the murder Shukshin

the Last person talked to Vasily Kravchuk, was his co-star and best friend George Burkov. He found the body. According to the memoirs Burkova, manuscripts Shukshin was scattered around the cabin, although the window was closed and the draft was not to be. Shukshin was distinguished for neatness and to be such a mess I couldn’t. Everyone who first appeared on the scene the impression that the writer was looking for something.

an Important detail – in the cabin there was a smell of cinnamon. It’s the smell infarct gas, causing spasms of the heart. Witnesses testified that the mattress was lying in a twisted position, and near it lay a paper. The photographs of the forensic he is sitting, hands over my heart, and around the order.

that Vasiliy Makarovich was killed, I was sure, and his wife, the actress Larisa Fedoseeva-Shukshina, who claimed that her husband is still in Moscow, was watching the strange people of small stature. Noticed it in the film. The actor’s wife says that this man knew the Director Sergei Bondarchuk, but he refused to tell her his name.

the Official conclusion on the death of Shukshin, which was made by Professor pathologist Avtandilov, heart failure. However, the actor was suffering from a stomach ulcer, and for this reason, before filming even lying in a Moscow hospital, where specialists gave him a full examination, including cardiogram, which revealed a known patient of any heart problems. This document is still kept in the family Sukhinah.

Meeting in Volgograd

Operator Anatoly Zabolotskogo and Shukshin became friends and joint filming of “Kalina Krasnaya” and “Pechki-Lavochki”. Several years after the death of his friend, Anatoly Dmitriyevich was in Volgograd. There he met a man who introduced himself as Alex and said he read his book “Shukshin in the frame and behind the scenes.” He really wanted to tell the details of the evacuation of the ship “Danube” body Shukshin, since 1974 was part of the group involved in this case.

Alex said, arrived on the ship for the transportation of the corpse on 2 October, but the decision on the removal of the body was postponed. Shukshin had to stay in the cabin until the arrival of forensic experts. He was lying across the bed clothes, but he shifted, took off his outer clothing and boots. Led a group of Alexei, an unidentified man – short of stature, broad shoulders and no neck. Leaving the cabin, he rudely ordered her to put things in order and fold all the scattered papers.

Anatoly Zabolotsky remembered that all this was said Alexey tongue Twister, after which he quickly disappeared in the crowd. If she killed the ability to carry out such an operation was only the KGB and high-ranking officials from Moscow. Supporters of murder Shukshin in addition to his wife were friends of Georgi Burkov, Aleksei Vanin, Anatoly Zabolotsky, directed by Sergei Bondarchuk, actor Pankratov-Black.

what could kill Shukshin

In the mid 1970-ies, the party Central Committee formed two opposing groups – the “Westerners” and “pochvenniki”. Last movie she watched over 62 million people that has made Vasily Makarovich “people’s star”. Tape like and the then General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev.

the New status and support that made possible the shooting of the film about Stepan Razine, the script for which was written based on the novel by Shukshin “I came to give you freedom”. In September 1974 the Council approved the script and shooting was scheduled for the end of the autumn of the same year. The decision of the Commission was not even disturbed Shukshin literary persecution started, as is, with the filing of “Westerners”, who feared the increasing influence of Vasiliy Makarovich on the people.

As it responded to the Soviet people in the image of Stepan Razin in the performance Shukshin? Close to the actor believe killed him it is because the future of the film and the ideas that the film was intended to promote. Action hero – fighter against tsarism could provoke in addition to the interest in national culture and rebellion of the people, and the mattress could be updated incarnation of the Russian people.

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