Berlin – “I was afraid the last two days of death.” Ex-BTN-actress Jenefer Riili begins her Story on Instagram and makes the Fans Worried. Because the actress was in the hospital and the situation seemed really serious. On Sunday (17. March) published the pretty blonde a photo from the clinic with the words: “I’m sorry that nothing came from me, but I’m in the hospital, I’m unfortunately not that good.”

shock for BTN Fans: Jenefer Riili in clinic

According to Jenefer Riili studies have been made to her, and she asked all the Fans to press her thumb. Particularly heartbreaking: It was her first night without her son, Milan, came in June 2018.

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The best things in life , you can’t buy with money free to play game. #influencer #mommy blogger #babyboy #happy

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On Monday evening posted your friend and also BTN-actor Matthias Höhn on Instagram, a sad Story, together with son Milan – and he kissed the Little and wrote: “I hope mum is back tomorrow – miss you.” The Couple had, it is not always easy: you had separated shortly after the announcement of the pregnancy and their engagement. However, after the birth of the two BTN unites Stars finally back and talked openly about the short-term Beziehungsaus.

Matthias Höhn, BTN Pascal, was recently himself to his limits, at least of the actors In the Soap Pascal of men have been raped – an absolute taboo subject, taken up by the series creators.

Jenefer Riili seriously ill? BTN-Star Love gives the all-clear

Jenefer Riili self-reported from the clinic: “My, I must be brief. Tomorrow I must return home. I had the last two days scared to death. You have seen me in the head on the CT is something you had to investigate further.“ However, Jenefer Riili also admitted at the same time the all-clear: “EVERYTHING IS GOOD. I am infinitely happy and grateful. Health is the greatest wealth!“ And indeed, on Tuesday published BTN-Star Jenefer Riili again Instagram stories in which they are relaxed with the Baby and your fiance to lay on the Couch and with her young son played.

+ Jenefer Riili in fear of death: BTN-Star gives the all-clear on Instagram.© Screenshot of the instagram comeback to BTN: Jenefer Riili says of a possible return to the Soap

recently, Jenefer Riili made for a BTN-Sensation, as she spoke in an Interview about a possible Comeback. There are about hope, Jenefer aka Alessia returned to BTN? At that time, your character Berlin had turned his back and moved to New York to take in fashion industry. In order to make a Comeback to the BTN would not be excluded categorically.

Jenefer Riili on Instagram rather covered, another BTN-Star regularly deep look: Anne wishes to not be stingy with her Charms. After they announced their separation from Henning Merten, posted briefly on a hot photo and showed off her plump cleavage.

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