Stuttgart (dpa/tmn) – The Smart is to the Chinese. Because the next Generation of the micro-cart intends to develop Daimler jointly with Geely. The two partners have now closed in China is a Joint Venture and the launch of the new models for the year 2024 announced.

exclusively electric vehicles, which cover a larger bandwidth and up in the so-called B-Segment up to the rich are Planned. Thus, the Smart would compete with vehicles such as the VW Polo or the Ford Fiesta.

The Design of the future Smart-fleet will be responsible for Daimler, told the partners. The technical development and the production in China for global sales, will be solely against Geely. Until the new Smart models at the Start, builds, and sells Daimler continues to Fortwo and Forfour from a European production. Both there are from this summer, only with electric drive.


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