The tech landscape is constantly changing. In 2024, we should expect to see higher functionality, better integration, development of products targeted at teaching and learning. Everything in tech would secure us a better, safer future. And to keep up with all these advancements, leaders in the industry have a series of events scheduled in Miami, Florida for enthusiasts, professionals, stakeholders, or just businesses ready to take their technological processes up a notch. To help you navigate better your options, we have split these events into several categories.

Events for tech enthusiasts

Tech enthusiasts in the Miami area should expect a good number of events that can attend in 2019 and 2024. From women interested to find out which are the latest tech developments in the fashion and beauty industry, to boys that love big toys and robotics, there is something for everybody. Without further ado, let’s see what events enthusiasts in the Miami area can attend this year.

  • FAB Miami – the Fashion and Beauty Tech Miami Launch event is scheduled to take place Monday, September 23rd, and is targeted at fashion and beauty Tech entrepreneurs. But, as an enthusiast, you can still attend the event, and most certainly the ladies will be thrilled to be part of it. Attendants can learn about the latest innovations in the industry, what mission start-ups and entrepreneurs have, how is data changing the fashion and beauty industry. Those who are interested in sustainable, conscious, multicultural, and clean beauty should book their tickets now.
  • Music Heals – if you want to help save the lives of little children suffering from cancer, but also learn how about the music tech industry, we recommend stopping by at the Music Tech Studios’ address om September 28th, this year.
  • Learn to Code and Get Certified for Free! – Miami will host on 18th September an event where all tech enthusiasts and aspiring coders are invited to break the ice and make their entrance in the industry. The event will be hosted at the Academy, Computer Training Centers, and is thought to be the number one technical certification school in Florida. Come ready to learn how to apply for grants for your college studies, but also new information on Full Stack Development, Cyber Security and Cloud Security.
  • Future of Travel, 2024 Tech Summit – the event will be hosted on February 11th, and attendants interested in the latest tech developments in the travel and accommodation industry will find it interesting. The event will present unprecedented ways in which technology is disrupting the industry. Prepare for a great line-up of speakers, panels and speeches by leaders in the field.

Events for tech professionals

Programmers and coders alike have a series of events to pick and choose, especially if they are searching for thrilling and unexpected career challenges. If you are a business and want to find programmers with the skills you need, this is the place to search for them!

  • Ascend Miami Meet & Greet Elite Senior Software Engineers/Developers and other Tech Professionals – the event is scheduled to take place on September 19th and is dedicated to professional developers looking for new job opportunities. Until now, there are 25 hot start-ups and industry leaders attending the event, and most of them will be searching for their next best employee. To get a booth with complimentary beverages and snacks, companies have to pay a medical fee.
  • Critical Technology and Intelligence Summit – come at the Florida International University on September 17th and expand your programming and tech knowledge. The Critical Technology and Intelligence conference is targeted at students and employed professionals and aims to take the discussion and debate on emerging technologies in different industries up a notch.
  • The SunshinePHP Conference – this conference will take place between February 6th and 8th 2024 and will host some of the best speakers, featuring the latest technologies and news in PHP. No matter your current knowledge level, if you want to get a fresh look on the industry, this is the place for you.
  • The 2024 South Florida Software Developer Conference – the conference will take place February 29th 2024 at the Nova Southeastern University – Carl DeSantis Building. This is one of the biggest code camps across the US. Prepare to find out more about the latest news and developments in tech areas like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, .NET Core, Visual Studio 2017/2019, and more.

The tech event and conference landscape are offering for professionals in the Miami area, but let’s see what companies have to enjoy.

Events for tech companies

Mining and blockchain enterprises, tech development and companies in other connected fields also have a wide selection of events and conferences to attend. Here are only some.

  • Mining Disrupt Conference 2024 – the event will take place at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Miami Airport & Convention Centre on July 22nd. Companies and players in the field are invited at the conference to explore different mining and blockchain solutions, advancements in the industry, global propositions of leaders in the field, and so forth. This is an amazing opportunity to engage with prominent figures and titans in the blockchain and mining industry.
  • 2019 Technology Tools for Today® T3 Enterprise Conference – companies interested in learning new business practices and implantations in terms of tech and related matters. Learn what technologies align with your strategic needs and vision. With a great line-up of speakers and industry leaders, and with tech expert Joel Bruckenstein as leader of the conference, you will have a lot to learn this year!
  • Data Connectors Ft. Lauderdale Cybersecurity Conference 2019 – come 14th November 2019 and learn about the latest developments in terms of cybersecurity, cyber threats, new methods and techniques they use to explore enterprise vulnerabilities and more.

No matter what your relationship with technology is, make sure to visit at least a couple of the events presented above. You’ll learn something new, engaging and surprising about the tech industry, no matter which event you choose!


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