In Bavaria have around 900,000 citizens of the people’s initiative, signed the diversity of species – you want to stop dying by means of several Modifications of the Bavarian nature conservation act, the Insects and the diversity of species to save. Come to Wednesday with around 50,000 signatures, must deal of the Bavarian state Parliament with the concern. However, the required measures from a scientific point of view make sense? Various studies have examined what is the diversity of insects, threatened and, in particular, of the bees. The most Important in the Overview:

All questions: Why are insects important?
Why is often only talked about bees? There is now a detectable bees are dying or not? There is a decline of insects in General? What are the causes for the loss of Species? How harmful the use of pesticides for the diversity of species? Are banned the most harmful poisons? What researchers recommend that researchers, in order to protect insects? Why are insects important?

No group of animals includes many species such as insects. They form the Foundation of a healthy Ecosystem and serve many different animals as food. Fewer insects means, therefore, also less fish, frogs, lizards, birds, and mammals. For humans, insects are also indispensable: they pollinate the plants we eat. Two-thirds of the hundred most important crops are partially or entirely dependent on it. In addition, some insects help to control pests, by regulating each other.

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is Why often only about bees talking about?

The honey bee is a carrier of sympathy. Natural protective indoor use for years, stylized bees for their campaign work. The Slogan of the popular initiative in Bavaria is “Save the bees!” And last year, established the United Nations, the world bienentag. The honey bee has become a most popular type among the insects, probably because of its role as a honey producer and pollinator. It is important to remember that there are in Germany, in addition to the honey bee, more than 570 wild species of bees and thousands of other species of insects that pollinate as well.

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there Is now a detectable bees are dying or not?

The term “bees are dying” is used in the debate about biodiversity is often political. Is meant, then, a widespread extinction of bees, which is not scientifically proven. While half of the German species of wild bees would be on the Red list of endangered species and we should expect that in the next 25 years, each third type of extinction, however, of a bee dying in the technical sense, one cannot speak about, says the wild bee researchers Robert Paxton of the University of Halle.

The honey bee is a special case, since it is used for commercial purposes. As long as there are beekeepers, could not the extinction of the honey bee, says the bee researcher Peter Rosenkranz, head of the national Institute for apiculture at the University of Hohenheim.

honey is What honey bees do

The Western honey bee (Apis mellifera) produces honey and wax, but with the pollination of flowers is crucial to the food supply.

honey bees pollinate together with wild bees and other wild insects a large part of the domestic crops and wild plants. Fruit trees as well as strawberries and sunflower are dependent on their work. Details of bee researchers, according to the yield of rape goes up to 35 percent on the account of bees.

Of the approximately 25,000 species of bees, only nine species are honey bees. In Europe, there are still some, although few wild honey bees.


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