BMW introduces its Top-of-the SUV. The X7, the American is the most SUV of the German manufacturer – is he supposed to win for Bayern in the again Terrain. Because BMW had to oppose the Armada of large and oversized SUVs lately, nothing. In the United States and Asia, many customers wish to Run as a Lincoln Navigator, a Cadillac Escalade or a Range Rover, you might be interested in is now also available for the new BMW X7. The is a true Full-size SUV. He will, however, dominated by US-SUVs, which are derived from small Trucks.

Boastful BMW itself speaks of “the new measure of all things”. In order to classify, one should remember that the X7 is the pumped-up SUV is a variant of the “sevens”, as naive customers can believe in. Here is a decorator-colored and extended X5.

The X7 is> no 7

from the outside, this X7 is – despite its monstrous double kidney – just a little bit of a X5. A normal Passer-by is hardly a series of the other to distinguish. Tools such as the wheels of 21 or 22 inches for differentiation. Under the hood will be offered in Europe first, not the Prestige of promotional eight-cylinder or even the V12. However, in the United States and Asia, where the main markets are.

escape with a speed of 160 women with Baby supplies wild chase with police

in this Country should confine itself to the buyer with six cylinders as the torque M50d. This power plant makes 400 HP with 760 Nm of torque and the top speed is consumed, in spite of 250 km/h is only 7.0 liters of Diesel. The chassis of the BMW X7 in accordance with confident expectation. The biggest Bayern-SUV feels a class smaller than he is.

X7 – if you need the space

can’t seduce, ultimately, only the big interior for sale. Here there are excellent seats, very good ergonomics and the best system that money can currently buy.

in the second row sitting is perfect. However, all three rows of Seating, in the Large-SUV of 5.15 meters, only a measly 326 litres of boot. That’s enough for a Hiking backpack per passenger, however, the compartment can be in the case of two occupants on 2120 litres.

In Germany, the sale begins in may. In the base configuration 86.300 Euro to fall.

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