Strolling through the Zara Store in the City, not only the fashionable parts of the eye, but it is also: Here it is a bit reminiscent of Bershka. Or Uterqüe. And the reason is that These brands belong to the same fashion house. Inditex, the fashion giant is. It is one of the largest textile companies in the world and has its headquarters in Spain. The company includes these brands:

Bershka: Bershka offers casual leisure fashion for young ladies and gentlemen in the low price segment.Kiddy’s Class / Skhuaban: This well-established chain of children’s fashion stores, there are so far only in Spain, Portugal, France, Greece and Italy.lefties: This brand stands for Sportswear for teenagers, ladies and men’s clothing and accessories in the lowest price segment. This brand does not exist in Germany.Massimo Dutti: Elegant fashion collections for women and men in the low mid-price segment, there is the case of Massimo Dutti.Oysho: Oysho there are young people, women’s collections, underwear, nightwear, swimwear and home clothes in the low price segment.Pull & Bear: This brand of Inditex casual clothing for young ladies and gentlemen of the offers in the lower medium price segment.Stradivarius: Here there is a basic-casual fashion for young women in the low price segment. Tempe: This is a Inditex-the company that manufactures for other brands in the group, shoes and accessories.Uterqüe: Elegant ladies fashion in the higher mid-price segment, in contrast, offers Uterqüe.Zara: fashionable apparel and accessories for women, men and children in the low-price segment.Zara Home: this brand Home, you are in the low price segment in the shelves.Inditex makes more sales as Hennes & Mauritz

Meanwhile, the company Inditex makes even more revenue than Swedish rival Hennes & Mauritz. To include this fashion giant following brands:

& Other Stories: This brand is aimed at fashion – conscious and quality-conscious women and is in the medium price segment./Nyden: This brand offers affordable luxury fashion for the target audience of Millennials in the middle to upper price segment.Afound: Under the name of Afound to be sold in Outlet shops in Sweden, high-priced Designer brands and H&M-brands at lower prices.Service industry: The brand service industry, offering products such as apparel and accessories for men, women, children and the domestic sphere in the medium price segment.Cheap Monday: This brand is a denim-heavy Streetwear brand in the lower price segment. The end of 2018, H&M announced that Cheap Monday June 2019.COS: COS stands for “Collection Of Style” and is a 2007 launched a fashion concept by H&M in the upper price and quality segment.H&M: This brand offers clothing and accessories for women, men and children in the lower to middle price segment. H&M has many sub-brands, including H&M Home, of which there are now even shops in Germany. In addition, the brand regularly offers special collections, created in collaboration with famous designers like Stella McCartney or Karl Lagerfeld.Monki: Monki, a women’s brand of clothing and accessories in the lower medium price segment. Weekday: Weekday is a fashion brand for young women and men in the lower medium price segment.

it is Different with the fashion brand Mango. Which in fact is not part of a large textile company, but a private international fashion company with headquarters in Spain and two of its own sub-brands: plus sizes brand Violeta and the men’s line, H. E. (Homini Emerito). Mango is one of the most famous and popular High-Street fashion chains. But: Only 40 percent of the Mango shops actually belongs to the company Mango. The other branches are operated by franchisees.

sources Used: Wikipedia / “Elle”


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