Boris Buryatse: for Gypsies cursed the descendants of Brezhnev

Crime 13/03/20 Boris Buryatse: for Gypsies cursed the descendants of Brezhnev

Perhaps the name of the actor Boris Buryatse would be known only to a limited circle of people, if not for his relationship with Galina Brezhneva daughter of the Secretary General and the scandalous story of the diamonds stolen from Irina Bugrimova.

“Diamond Bob”

actually this man’s name was Boris Ivanovich Buraza. He was born October 4, 1946 in the family of a Gypsy Baron, and until the age of seven lived in the camp. At the age of 17 was convicted for theft. Graduated from the Department of musical Comedy of GITIS and got a job as a singer in the theater “Romen”, and then moved to the Moscow operetta theatre. Much success the actor had, but his life changed dramatically after meeting with Galina Brezhneva.

it Happened somewhere in the second half of the 1970s Brezhnev at that time was married to the first Deputy interior Minister, General Yury Churbanov. However, the husband was always gone at work, and Galina was bored. She started Dating in the artistic environment. Beautiful burning brunette with gray-green eyes struck her to the heart. Its not even embarrassed that Buryatse was younger for 17 years. She made the transfer of Boris as a soloist-trainee at the Bolshoi theater, helped him get a luxury apartment in the heart of Moscow, in the street Chekhov, constantly bombarded with gifts, among which was even a car “Mercedes”, which in that era ordinary Soviet citizens and could not dream.

meanwhile, there were rumors about the relationship Buryatse with the crime. He dressed in the fashion, and went always decorated with Golden ornaments, for which he received the nickname of “diamond Bob”. However, evil tongues say that not only for the love of jewelry, but also for manipulation of currency and diamonds.

the End of “career”

30 Dec 1981 robbery located in the skyscraper on Kotelnicheskaya embankment apartments, people’s artist of the USSR, a famous tamer Irina Bugrimova. Disappeared only jewelry.

Soon in the “Sheremetyevo” detained a passenger who was carrying with him part of the stolen. He tried to fly to Germany. During interrogations, the robber called the names of his accomplices, and said that the gunner of the theft was none other than Boris Buryatse.

In January 1982 Buryatse, was arrested on suspicion of robbery. It also checked for involvement in the incident shortly before the robbery of the apartment of the widow of writer Alexey Tolstoy Lyudmila and the murder and robbery of actress Zoya Fyodorova. To prove his participation in these crimes and failed. However, the facts have surfaced speculation: the apartment “Gypsy Prince” found half a dozen coats, obviously not meant for personal use. Was evidence that Buryatse hunted the sale of diamonds.

the Then Chairman of the KGB Yuri Andropov arranged over artist show trial: the accused and even of bribery and embezzlement.

Buryatse asked for help from Galina, who had always rescued her lover from difficult situations, but the daughter of Brezhnev, this time was powerless to help him. The court sentenced Buryatse to seven years in camps. Chumps no secret that had a hand in the arrest of rival – in his own way loved Galina and wanted to save the marriage, getting rid of the “diamond boy”… Is acceptable and the Secretary General, who was worried about having a daughter is a disgrace to the family.

Gypsy revenge?

According to one, Buryatse jailed in the area near Krasnoyarsk, was released in 1986 and died on 7 Jul 1987 in Simferopol from the attack of appendicitis. Others died in the prison hospital allegedly back in 1982. On the third, after his release, he lived long enough, but quietly… Perhaps the official version is still the first. Say, concluded the actor was actually killed on the orders of the KGB. He was buried in Krasnodar, there is a grave with a tombstone.

says that the Roma community has not forgiven her Brezhnev and Churbanova death Buryatse, and cursed them and their descendants. Chumps after the death of his high-ranking father-in-law, in 1987, was arrested on corruption charges, in connection with the so-called “cotton case”. Galina lost the privileges of a family member of the Secretary General, and a few years turned into a complete alcoholic. She died in 1988 in a psychiatric hospital.


the Daughter of Galina Victoria during perestroika were left without a livelihood. She tried to sell two apartments, his and grandfather, but became a victim of fraud and as a result left without shelter and money. Great-granddaughter of Brezhnev, the daughter of Victoria, Galina, named in honor of her grandmother, spent many years in a psychiatric hospital.

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