Boxer Kudryashov was named the best fighters of the decade

Photo: TASS/Donat Sorokin

the Russian boxer Dmitry Kudryashov said, who believes the best boxer and fighter of the mixed single combats of the past decade. The word athlete leads RT.

“Perhaps it is worth remembering that the boxer of the decade was recognized as Floyd Mayweather. You can, of course, still remember Manny Pacquiao, who owned belts in eight weight classes and left a huge mark in Boxing,” – said the athlete.

Among the soldiers according to the rules of MMA Kudryashov said Habib Nurmagomedov, who in one of the most anticipated fights in modern history defeated the Irishman Connor McGregor.

Earlier, the Russian UFC fighter Peter Yang said, as the U.S. anti-doping Agency testing athletes for doping. According to the athlete, his year and a half checked about 10 times, while the officers can arrive anywhere in the world.

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