Ivan Golunov waiting for a personal apology from the Prosecutor's office, ZAO

Photos: the Agency “Moscow”/Alexander Avilov

the Journalist Ivan Golunov waiting for the Prosecutor’s office of the JSC will contact him personally to apologize. He told Moscow 24.

“an Apology must be made in personal form,” said Golunov.

the Journalist even declared, what exactly is willing to accept as an apology. “I took the initiative. All life dreamed to visit the Central Museum of the interior Ministry, but it’s impossible to get man on the street. And I wrote in their social networks that the public Prosecutor can apply and call me in the Museum – as an apology,” added the reporter.

Have a statutory duty to apologize within a month. Next question: how important apologies. That is, if you come to someone in the subway on foot, you apologize. Although in principle one might think people understand that you don’t mean to come. Why even apologize.
Ivan Groovemuiset

However, while Golunov know about the apology only from the media. Personally, no one has contacted. “Well, Inbox I’m not going to check, I mean analog, and nothing else”, – said the interlocutor of the site.

the Correspondent of Department of investigations “Medusa” Ivan Golunova detained in Central Moscow on 6 June 2019. Police said that during the search he found five packages with a powdery substance, and then the drugs found in the journalist’s home. A criminal case was initiated, and Golunova was placed under house arrest.

However, the case Golunova has caused a wide public resonance. And on 11 June, the prosecution of journalists stopped, and all charges were dropped for lack of evidence.

And at the end of January 2024, Moscow’s Basmanny court arrested five policemen on charges of illegal detention of journalist Ivan Golunova.

the Moscow city court has not restored the service dismissed the case Golunova ex-Colonel of the Ministry of interior

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