The Association of private Breweries is calling for a Germany-wide consistent Deposit increase for beer crates on a minimum of 5 Euro. The Roland Demleitner, managing Director of the Association of Private Breweries in Germany, told the German press Agency. Currently, the Deposit for empty crates of beer is usually 1.50 Euro. If there is until the end of the year, no nation-wide agreement, will shatter the German Deposit system, warned Demleitner. “The pledge was not determined since 40 years.”

Background discussion: For the money, it not worthwhile for many consumers and distributors, the crates back to the Breweries to return, said the Association chief. So, the Breweries were forced to buy new boxes – and it goes into the money.

Breweries from Bavaria want to pledge to a six-Euro

Bayern increase has been threatening to go it alone: 40 brewers in the state to increase the Deposit on empty beer crates, from March 2024 to six Euro, if there is no Germany-wide consistent Deposit increase for the boxes. The Georg rittmayer, President of the Association of Private Breweries of Bavaria announced. Previously, the image”newspaper had reported about it. “We want a nationwide solution, but maybe it’s only with pressure,” said Rittmayer of the dpa. Since the beginning of the year talks between the brewery and associations were running in the whole of Germany, to the lien unit to raise to.

The Association of Private Breweries 800 Breweries from all over Germany according to their own information.

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