What a city needs, so that people living there like? A safe environment with sufficient Greenery, little stress factors, but a high recreational value and best good air. But who now lives in a city that wants to be more Social – and health services, short distances to work, a lot of holidays and short working hours. But where in the world is the offer already?

The company is Kisi, a Spin-off of the technical University of Munich, looked at 20 cities in more detail and according to 40 criteria to produce a Ranking. As sources for the investigation of Eurostat, the Organisation for economic co-operation and development (OECD), the world Bank, the World Happiness Report and the world health organization were used.

Rising rents are Germany’s most expensive cities By Katharina Grimm Three German cities among the Top 10

The good news: three German cities in the Top 10. However, a much stronger Scandinavian cities are represented. Three main cities are in the Top 5. Particularly striking are the cities that play in the Ranking is hardly a role but are. So Vancouver is on place 10, the first non-European city in the Ranking, the top places in the Europe metropolises in their business. On space 30, the first South American lands with Sao Paulo American city in the Ranking, Asia’s best placement is in Singapore on place 32. Both cities have a total score of 37.5 and 36.4 out of a possible 100 points – this Top review you can claim the first place.

The entire study and all the sub-categories, you can find here.

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