fireworks, 200 choir singers, Bulgarian bagpipe music and folk dances: The opening of the capital of culture year was in Plovdiv on a 30-Meter-high multi-colored Multi-Media stage an impressive spectacle.

An Open-Air Show of this type had experienced the city with around 350,000 inhabitants, and also the whole of Bulgaria. Thousands of spectators, also from other cities, flocked, in spite of the winter cold and icy Wind on Saturday evening to the Mega-Event of the Berlin artists ‘ collective phase7 performing.arts was staged.

The südbulgarische Plovdiv is one of its probably 8000 years long history of Europe’s oldest continuously inhabited settlements. The city is characterised by ancient monuments, a mosque, a synagogue, Orthodox churches and a Catholic Cathedral. The opening of the show “We are all colors,” was organized in the vicinity of a Roman theater.

The ancient history of the Region and his presence in the Show, inseparable. The world-famous Bulgarian flutist Teodossij Spassow opened the Ceremony with a melody reminiscent of Orpheus, the singer from Greek mythology: to the Southeast of Plovdiv, in the village of Tatul, is a tomb of Orpheus.

In the roughly 140 kilometers East of the capital Sofia to the nearby Plovdiv-born Orthodox Bulgarians, Catholics, Jews, Armenians, Roma and Turks live in the Slav peacefully side by side. “Together” is the Motto of the Multi-cultural city as European capital of culture 2019. This slogan was proclaimed at the opening in those languages that are spoken today in Plovdiv.

Plovdiv’s Motto, “Together” is a key word for the European Union, stressed the European Commissioner for digital economy and society, Maria Gabriel, from Bulgaria. “Here, we understand that the culture is not a Supplement, but is of fundamental importance to the strengthening of our European identity,” she said.

On the day of Plovdiv opening show also of Europe has not been neglected in recent history: The Roman stadium in the centre of an exhibition with Parts of the Berlin wall was opened on the 30. Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall on 9. To remind, in November.

The performances at the Mega Show, gave a taste of the accents of Plovdiv program as a capital of culture: a variety of music, Theater, Opera, ethnic tolerance, work together and live Together. Posted from the other European capital of culture in 2019, the Italian Matera, also came to the opening ceremony in Plovdiv. The official opening in Matera is next Saturday.

The cultural capital of Europe is an Initiative of the European Union. Every year two cities will be appointed – one from the old EU-States and from the new. 2024 Rijeka in Croatia and Galway in Ireland capitals of culture.



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