in the swaying coconut palm trees, rounded granite rocks, between the dazzling white powdery sand and the turquoise blue sea – this image is the epitome of the beaches in the Seychelles, an island group that consists of 155 small and large Islands in the East of the Indian ocean.

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Further to the South, Madagascar and Mauritius, and between La Réunion – but how do these Islands differ from each other, which have the character of the landscape and the residents? A comprehensive book published under the title of “Indian Ocean”, helps in the differentiation. It is not a travel guide for the Western bag, it is a large-format picture book that is difficult to weight: 3.8 pounds bringing the Coffee-Table Book on the scale.

Instead of plain facts makes the book large format photographs in the mood for the six main destinations in the Indian ocean, the Maldives, Seychelles, Madagascar, Mauritius, Zanzibar and La reunion.

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With sensual photos are presented at the opulent double-pages of the respective destinations. Only then motives and descriptions of selected Hotels located exclusively in the Five-star. “Not a Hotel or Resort, paid for the publication,” says editor Stefan Loiperdinger.

The idea of this extensive work, of Munich, was three decades in the advertising. Then he climbed out and discovered his love for Mallorca. For several years he publishes the magazine “Mallorca’s beautiful pages.” Now he has summarized, after many visits to the Islands in the Indian ocean, his view of the dream destinations in the form of a book and in it 46 exceptional hotel properties. The book was just full of advertising images, everything comes in color and in high – gloss, journalistic, or critical tones, you should not expect, therefore.



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