There is a brand name for a product. Like Tempo for paper handkerchiefs . Or Tupperware for the small plastic boxes in which food is hygienically stored. These containers are identified with the name of Tupper, is a woman. Brownie Wise is one of the greatest talents of the postwar period. According to the legend, you found your calling: One Evening, a representative of Stanley Home Products Company knocked on your door to sell your cleaning products, Laundry detergents and other household products. After the visit, the 34-Year-olds only: I can better than the.

Tupper was the Institution

So Wise came up in the sale. She became famous because she made Tupperware into a company of international standing. By the Wise and the Tupperware parties were an American Institution. But before you began to work for Stanley, she was a Manager and established a branch of its own. But most of all they came to Beveridge in contact with Frank Stanley. A pioneer of selling on the road – from him she learned the idea of “Home Party” that she perfected later.

Beveridge, But after your first altitude flight served you. He was simply of the opinion that this type of work was a waste for an attractive woman as Wise. Pissed off, she swore: “I’ll show him.”


Brownie Wise was Belle an extravagant Southern.

©Brownie Wise Papers, Archives Center, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution Commons Ingenious boxes without selling idea

at that Time, she already knew the food container of Earl Tupper. The secure and robust containers made of polyethylene were then a Revolution. Plastics were relatively new, especially as an elastic Material known. However, customers didn’t trust the boxes, when you Open a pupsender Loud. And Earl Tupper had no idea how one could sell his brilliant boxes.

Wise knew it, they invented the “Tupperware parties”. In 1950, became Wise to the exclusive pre-emption rights in Florida. To be able to the state with the seller the inside cover, she wrote her first manual for the new sellers. The Bible, the Tupperware lady. “The pleasant Party atmosphere is relaxing. All guests are met by the group spirit of the Party. The casual atmosphere serves to reduce the sales resistance of the present and to increase the competitive spirit. Purchase lust is contagious; it is a proven fact that you will sell more to a group of 15 women as they individually sell it to you.”

the Wise knew all the Tricks to bring the boxes to the woman. On the parties, one with red grape juice-filled Box was always Bouncing back and forth. The relaxed mood and showed how the boxes tightly held.

break out of the idleness

Wise employees, not representatives. Your Tupperware ladies came from the same background as the clients, for all of them it was break a Chance from the life as a plain housewife. With Tupperware, you earned money, but it was also a everlasting Party. Wise had invented the Event of sale. As an Event, the Meeting of the Tupperware Ladies of Wise was organized. In such a Meeting women as a treasure were graves inside a box, where jewelry and expensive watches to dig up. On the edge of their men stood and cheered the treasure search inside. Top-sellers were a mink coat or Cadillac. Wise himself drove a pink Cadillac, your Tupper had given. Suitable to let your parrots pink color.

Despite their success, they didn’t get along really with Tupper. In the case of problems in the year 1951 and jam them together killed the Boss on the phone. Bob Kealing, her biographer, wrote: “respect for food is of great importance, and this kind of cheeky mouth could cause an employee was fired on the spot.” But in view of the importance of wise’s sales are made under the out-of-tune Tupper did nothing against his best selling cannon.

Naughty and extravagant

on The contrary, the end of the year, the Board of Directors of Tupperware Corporation Wise chose Vice-President. The sales exploded. Wise deserved at the time, a fabulous 30,800 respectively dollars in a year, besides her was a huge mansion.

at the same time Wise from the PR face of the brand was built. Tupper himself shied away from Public. Wise was the first woman that was seen on the Cover of the American business magazine “BusinessWeek”. But, unfortunately, the flight also meant that they took a noticeably more cheeky and irreverent tone Tupper to. Spleenige impulses encouraged However, in fear that it was a Wise more to the glory than the success of the budget boxes.

in 1955 it was, for the first time to sales problems. In 1957, led to an extravagant Party of Wise to the final break. She had invited 1,200 guests to an island when a storm hit the company broke. It came to riots and brawls, boats, 21 people were injured. The company was inundated with complaints. In January Tupper fired the sales genius, and demanded that any trace of Wise would have to be repaid in the company. The relationship ended in a flood of mutual complaints.

In the later career scoring Wise life for more success, but to the glory of the Tupperware Era you could build, never again. She died in 1992, 79 years of age. In later years she was regarded as a pioneer for women in business. They themselves saw their occupation very sober, and said: “I needed the money for me and my child. So I went out there and showed it to them.“

source: Bob Kealing. The Remarkable Story of How Brownie Wise Built, and Lost, a Tupperware Party Empire


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