He had given enormous effort, and almost all of the Details taken, and yet it didn’t end well for him: An imposter had spent in England as a lawyer and in this function, in 18 cases before the court stood. The first of these cases had to be negotiated after the Blow to the false lawyers now.

He seems like an ambitious upstart

Scott Willey looks young and energetic, he has a pale face and a determined look. He exudes seriousness. This is deceptive, however: The 27-Year-old is a liar and a cheat, who shrank back before any Trick to get a lucrative Job in one of the most prestigious law firms in London. He was not a trained lawyer, had not passed the test in the “City Law School” in London, and never received approval.

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With fake certificates and fake resume he had received the Job. His superiors, he claimed to have graduated with a special award completed. As his employer had, however, further documents from him, was Willey really creative. As it turned out later, he had hacked into the email Account of a colleague and of the Mails in the Annex to the saved PDF copy of the approval notice copies. The document he edited later, so that its data appeared, and there was as his own the certificate.

Willeys fakes were extremely skillful

he Also used the data of other colleagues, to pretend, he would be registered in the bar Association and had previously negotiated several cases. As his bosses, however, were invited by the bar Association to send the registration number of the new employee, flew up the swindle. Although Willey sent a fake E had sent email with a wrong number to the managing Director of the law firm – as this initiated, however those Mail to the lawyer’s chamber, noticed you there immediately the inconsistencies.

at the time, Willey represented 18 clients in court. All judgments in these cases could now be null and void – the first of his cases will have already renegotiated. In addition, the 27-year-old impostor had earned good money: in addition to almost 1000 euros for travel costs and expenses he had received for his work as a lawyer more than 18,000 euros. Worth it not: has condemned all the trouble ultimately, however, Because of fraud in several cases and forgery Scott Willey has now been two years and three months in prison. There could not help him, also his lawyer.

source: “Metro UK”



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