When Nerea de la Torre agreed 14 years ago to make their practices as a teacher of English in the centre of The Serranía his father did not give credit: “There is not going or the ravens”. And is that in the town of Alpuente, in the interior of Valencia, there is so much calm that some teachers from outside become depressed and sometimes it snows so much in winter that they are isolated. But Nerea was “fell in love” in this town and there is. Coordinates to its 14 partners in the project Schools ‘ Ambassadors to the European Parliament, with the that this is intended to “give the opportunity to experience the european citizenship: what it means to the Union in everyday life and what can be done to achieve in the future Europe desired”. That is to say, to demonstrate that such an institution as seemingly boring that determines our lives has a face exciting.

This year, the project is five years, The Highlands is participating for the first time. In 1900 Alpuente had a 3,000 neighbors and today only 600. Nerea fears that the depopulation finish closing high, with 35 school. There are 38 other between nursery and primary. “This is a great opportunity to have visibility,” he says. The 4 THAT are the ambassadors for the juniors of the project. “My students, children of pastoralists and herders, tend to feel inferior and with few ambitions. So when we chose —we didn’t have hope— I was told: “We are small, but it seems that we import to Europe”.

A subject failed

“The issues of Europe are on the curricula in History, but many times the schools do not reach the end of the program,” laments Teresa Coutinho, head of School Ambassadors in Spain. In 2015, the minister of Education Íñigo Méndez de Vigo (PP) was proposed in Brussels to introduce the subject History and European Values. His idea did not prosper and in Spain has not had much predicament. The teachers are more in favor of a subject cross-section.

As in 2011, the Community of Valencia (PP) announced that ofertaría the optional subject in high school European Union. Organization and Functioning, but did not materialize. While this course Madrid offers for the first time European Union, in 3rd and 4th years of Secondary school.


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The Parliament chooses the schools, this course 105 in Spain, for “the motivation and experience described in the form”, and with territorial balance, and these are committed to having an information point of Europe, to organize activities and to work with their booklets. The institution organizes a contest winner with the visit to Strasbourg.

twice a year, this Camera brings together the coordinators — the last appointment he went to this day— to-day, they learn to simulate a session of the Parliament, to hold elections, to mount promotional events in the street or to banish clichés about the EU.

February 14, 2018 in the conservative Alpuente, governed by the PP, celebrated the European Day of the Sexual Health with the talk of a sexologist and this 26 of September, the European Day of Languages, took to the street a rosco Pasapalabra with the slogan “I am Europe”. The people will be overturned, as in many municipalities. The centers ambassadors make great efforts to ensure that its activities go beyond its walls. The 40% achieved in the current year that the press made echo of their acts.

Bring Brussels to the population it is easy because the 83% of spaniards feel european compared to 71% of the rest of the Eu, according to Eurobarometer. “Young people are the most aware of what is good in being in the EU. See in them the benefits from small grants Comenius [exchange between european schools] and then Erasmus,the programme with more impact in the EU always points out Teresa Coutinho, head of School Ambassadors in Spain.

“young people live in Europe as its natural environment. What is missing is your commitment to strengthen the institutions and in this work. It will take years,” says John Hill, one of the organizers of the meeting and president of the association Europe in Sum. “The Brexit has triumphed because only 12% of the young people of the Uk voted, and that it insists on the campaigns. They have realized that they are losing the benefits of Europe”, he says. So that your vote went up participation in the last european elections 14 percentage points (to 51%).

From the Parliament recommended to the coordinators that include School Ambassadors within the plan of the centre to ensure that they have hours to prepare activities. Many complain about it in their leisure time. And I recommend that involve the cloister so that there is continuity in the project. Jagoba Alvarez, a professor of History at the center concluded Alazne in Barakaldo (100,000 inhabitants), with the support of the direction. For the first time this course are school ambassador. Last year they recorded videos to commemorate the jewish Holocaust. In addition, they have mounted a campaign for city Council place six paving stones in memory of six neighbors who were prisoners in concentration camps. An episode of the history of Europe that marked the future of the continent.

today, ambassadors juniors may be able to benefit from 20-campus transnational that the European Union is going to promote before 2025. Be able to start career in Rome and finish in Bordeaux with a double degree. The EU has made clear that its cohesion comes about through education.

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