Pedro Sánchez has resumed this Saturday, the discourse is more ideological of the PSOE, the classic left-right, in the great central act of the campaign. And just before the decisive televised debate Monday, in which will participate Santiago Abascal after 24 deputies in the April general. The chairman-in-office highlighted how Vox has gained in influence in recent months, making it possible with your support the coalition Governments of the PP and Citizens in the Community of Madrid, Murcia, or the city Hall of the capital of Spain. Before it did in Andalusia. The next phase could reach —if the numbers given to the popular— after the 10-N, as has alerted the president-in-office. With the game ultra by checking the agenda of the Government of Spain.

“To the far right is the beats by defending the democratic principles and isolating it. Condemning the franco regime, the machismo, their xenophobia and their racism. Condemning your trivialization of gender-based violence. If today the right wing go with the chest filled with is because the PP, instead of isolate it, have linked their fate to the ultra-right,” said Sanchez in front of more than 2,000 militants and sympathizers of the PSOE in Mislata (Valencia).


Vox launches campaign in Catalonia on the back of the challenge secessionist Sanchez urges and we Can rule out the grand coalition with the PP photo gallery in the electoral campaign in The 10-N

“Today, we have much more information than the April 28th”, has insisted that the socialist candidate in the last act that will be performed before focusing on the debate Monday. The precedents referred to by the PSOE are not anecdotal. The alliance that will descabalgó Susana Diaz in Andalusia after the regional elections a year ago has been repeated since then throughout the Spanish geography. And has been key to the party Paul Married revalidara some of their Governments are more important, just when he was most weak after collapse of 137 to 66 seats and lose 3.6 million votes in the elections of the past April 28. The leader of the PP prevailed instead of the institutional control —and, by extension, of his own party— despite relying on a formation which he described “extreme right”.

“The alternative to this Government is a Government with a Married president and Abascal vice president”, remarked José Luis Ábalos. The minister of Development in office, and secretary of organization of the PSOE has arisen as to what parties could agree on the candidate of the PP. “Made mention of Frankenstein, what the PP to do you play? How to sell us that you are going to zoom in to 100 mps? How and up to 176 with whom? The far right is rising because the right of this country has fueled the radicalization. And if you sow the radicalism, which is going to explode, is the radical. The issue is, or a socialist Government or a Government with the nationalists. This is the reality: a or b. And the rest are embellishment” has settled Ábalos.

The president of the Community of Valencia, Ximo Puig, has also warned of the rise of Vox. “The alternative is to return to the past. To reinvent a history disastrous has already happened. These —in allusion to the extreme right— agreed with the right democratic without any problem. Here it happens to us what does not happen in any country of Europe: Merkel isolates [in Germany]. Macron isolates [in France]. But the PP has come out of where it has gone,” he expressed.

“Now the right wing feels strong. There are surveys to give you as a third force”, has had the effect of Sanchez, who has reiterated that “the only vote useful to unlock” Spain is the vote for the PSOE. “That does not fall any vote on the backburner,” he added in his attempt to capture voters in the stocks of United we Can and Citizens. Also the abstention. The PSOE will shake up the November 10 the fear of the Vox —growing, according to the majority of surveys driven by the crisis of Catalonia and the exhumation of Francisco Franco from the Valley of the Fallen— to activate your electorate disappointed with the lack of agreement with United we Can to have Government. It is precisely their voters more ideologizados.


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