Hardly a football genus experienced so often On and off like a striker. Time the disease sticks them on the Shoe and not the Ball, and the easiest shots to land behind the stadium’s roof. Once everything is done and each ball felt contact ends with a scoring. In the latter Phase of the Paco Alcácer is currently. This was at 2:3 (0:3) of the Spaniards against England.

Exactly 96 seconds was the 25-Year-old on the court, as it rang in the opponent’s goal. With his first touch of the ball Alcácer caused a burgeoning of hope to the Spanish Appendix. In the second half for the hosts of England had been presented in their own stadium. Alcácer sat there in spite of double-packs for three days earlier against Wales on the Bank. It is only in the 56. Minute coach Luis Enrique changed him and was a witness to the next Alcácer-hit, the the only 1,76 Meter big Spaniard scored to top it all against the defense giant from England via the head.

“Alcácer is currently enormous, because he is in a Phase, the players only rarely achieve,” had Luis said Enrique already ahead of the game and added: “What we currently see from him is a miracle.” In fact, the superlative seems to be the case Alcácers not out of thin air. Since his Summer switch from FC Barcelona, where he flourished, in two years, on the role of the precious Joker’s got to be Borussia Dortmund Alcácer.

Alcácers impressive Figures

Seven competitive goals already in four games with a BVB shirt. He faced a total of only 171 minutes on the field. Impressive Numbers that earned him two years in waiting, again, an invitation to the Spanish national team. And there he was just where he had left off in Dortmund. Two goals at the 4:1 against Wales, now his goal against England, which meant in the end but only the result of cosmetics.

Despite the painful defeat of the Spaniards top of group 4 with six points. England guarded with four counters his Chance to win the group, but, provided the own success against Croatia – to the aid of the Croatians against the Spaniards to protect hope.

Maybe that was the reason why Alcácer while celebrating a goal against England slyly had to laugh to himself. Probably it was but his reaction to the scary run, the one he is currently experiencing and the striker so much enjoy. After all, you know: In the rule, other times come back.


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