A court in Istanbul has lifted the ban on Leaving against the husband of the German journalist Mesale Tolu. The court decision allows Suat Corlu to leave the country. Tolu had already in August with her son to Germany to leave the country, after they had been detained for 16 months in Turkey. She was returned to Istanbul, to attend the hearing.

Suat Corlu had not been able to follow his wife and son, first to Germany, because he is still forbidden to leave the country stock. The proceedings against you, your man and 21 other defendants was continued in the Istanbul Palace of justice Caglayan.

Tolu is accused of membership of extreme left-wing Marxist-Leninist Communist party, MLKP, which is considered in Turkey as a terrorist organization. For up to 20 years in prison to threaten her.

“Now my son can finally see his father,”

they had spent in the past year, already more than seven months in custody and had been detained after their release in December of a ban on Leaving Turkey. Until the end of August, she had may with her three year old son to Germany to fly. Her husband had to stay in Turkey.

Tolu seemed relieved that the ban on Leaving against your man has been repealed, the have dragged you””. “The means for my family, that the family can finally come together again,” said Tolu. The Phase of separation had already “lasted too long”, after she and her husband were imprisoned for eight months and then a further eight months, with the exit lock.

“Now my son can finally see his father, where he is to home,” said Tolu. If you and your husband would also have to travel in the future, the hearings could be left open. Basically, you want to pursue the process further. Now her husband had to get a new visa for Germany because his residence permit had expired during the time in Turkey, she said.

The German Consul General Michael Reiffenstuel and the Green of the Bundestag, Margit Stumpp took part as an observer at the hearing in the justice Caglayan Palace. Stumpp welcomed then lock the decision to waive the Exit, but criticized the method. “This decision is yet no proof for the rule of law,” said the media-policy spokesperson of the Green group.

“We have seen the so-called evidence that has shown that there is no constitutional basis. Anonymous witness statements were given, the goods may only be allegations,“ criticized Stumpp. Criticism also came from the Left-members Heike Hänsel: The method was motivated “from the beginning, and politically constructed” and must be terminated forthwith, she said.

The court decided that the process on 10. January will continue.


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