Called the order of the entry into force of the amendments to the Constitution

Photo: TASS/Anton novoderezhkin

the working group on amendments to the Constitution discussed the procedure for the entry into force of the law for amendments. On it informs “the”.

According to the head of the Central headquarters of the all-Russian public movement “Volunteer Victory” Olga Amelchenko, the procedure for holding nationwide voting should begin after the President signs the bill.

“the Semantic part of the bill will come into force only after people Express their opinion,” she said.

Amelchenko added that amendments to discuss actively participating regions. For its part, the representatives of the working group to carefully study all proposals.

Previously, the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the vote on Vladimir Putin’s proposal to amend the Constitution is not a formality. According to him, the need to organize the vote was not, however, on the insistence of the head of state.

In January, the state Duma in the first reading adopted the presidential bill on amendments to the Constitution. The draft law foresees the extension of powers of the Parliament, the constitutional court, the prohibition of senior officials to have a residence permit in other countries, limiting the number of presidential terms.

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