Muscovites have chosen the main events of 2019

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow

In the project “Active citizen” voted “the Main business of Moscow” in which participants chose the most important achievements of the capital in 2019, according to the portal of the mayor of the Moscow government.

In the material States that it was submitted nine nominations: “Transport”, “Public services”, “Health”, “Social protection”, “Education”, “Construction”, “Urban environment”, “Culture” and “International recognition”. The voting consisted of three parts, each of which involved more than 154 thousand people.

the most Important thing in the field of transport Muscovites called the launch of the Moscow Central diameters (IDC).

“the answer chosen 36,06% of the votes”, – stated in the message.

In the category “Urban environment” presented 10 projects. In the first place was the update of the area of the Kiev station (12,69% of voters).

“46,93% of voters named the main event in the sphere of provision of public services the opportunity to receive the results of medical tests to e-mail”, – stated in the material.

In the category “Health” the first place also won the service receiving tests for e-mail.

“of 28.19% said the main business of Moscow starts a new season of “Moscow longevity”. This is a project for active people over 55 years who want to develop creative, be the center of cultural life of the city”, – stated in the message.

In the category “Construction” among the leaders of the two new sports facilities in the Luzhniki stadium, which opened last year. The Palace of rhythmic gymnastics took first place (14,29% of the votes). In the second place, the Palace of water sports.

of 17.14% of the participants of the project “Active citizen” was considered the main achievement of the capital the success of young citizens.
“Metropolitan schoolchildren are breaking records at international competitions. They won 14 gold medals, and two third awards of the higher test, which ethere’s the Russian national team in 2019”, – specified in the material.

Second and third places with a small difference divided the project “School seniors” and the results of studies of PISA and ICILS.

the Main cultural event of the year of 33.63% of the city called “Moscow Museum week.” And 23% of the project participants considered the most important award the prize World Travel Awards. 21,71% voted for night events in the city such as “night at the Museum” “Night movie”, “library night” and others.

Earlier it was reported that in the year 2019 in Moscow has renovated more than 200 public spaces and about 2.5 thousand households. Head of Department of territorial branches of Executive authorities of the city of Moscow Dmitriy Presnov noted that the improvement of the urban environment actively connected users of the portal “Active citizen”. Moscow residents were asked to choose specific improvement projects in common areas in the framework of the project “My district”.

Among the largest completed in 2019 projects – a new Park on the embankment of the Moscow river in Kapotnya. In addition, the new green areas was opened in Kurkino, Lefortovo, Bibirevo and several other areas. For the year resulted in the order of 126 parks regional scale.

in addition, the amenities were playgrounds and school areas. In the second case, in particular, users of the Active citizen chose to include them in the program “My region”. In the end, renewed more than 380 of such sites.

Moscow Also in 2019 took more steps towards sports. A significant number of sites arranged in the capital’s parks, active courses have opened in the project “Moscow longevity”.

Earlier it was reported that in the coming academic year in Moscow plans to launch the project “School of senior.” For the introduction of a new preparatory discipline also voted on the portal “Active citizen”. Thus, the adult students will prepare for University.

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