Munich – Burnout, depression and psychosomatic disorders: The number of sick days because of such mental health problems has doubled within the last ten years! In 2007 approximately 48 million sick days for mental disorders due in the year 2017, approximately 107 million.

Bavaria: Mental illness is the second most common cause of this is that workers in the Job lacked

from the answer of the Federal government on a Left-request, the cost of the resulting failure in this period almost tripled from 12.4 billion to 33.9 billion euros.

In Bavaria, were mental disorders such as depression 2017, according to the DAK-health report the second most common cause of employees missing in the Job. Based on 100 Insured there were 202 days of absence. In the case of mental illness, there was a decline in the number of days of absence by six percent, but the number of Affected increased to 4.3 per cent – a record figure. According to the labour Ministry, the number of pension increased between 2007 and 2017, admissions due to mental disorders significantly – from approximately 53 900 to more than 71 300 (around 41 200 women and some 30 to 100 men).

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the Federal government is the employer of the obligation to

Thus, mental disorders are by far the main cause leading to the claim to a legal disability pension. Almost 43 percent of all new pension recipients of a disability pension is not or only to a very limited extent have been able to work due to a psychological diagnosis, so the German pension insurance. The Federal government is the employer of the duty: Against mental stress, no new work would help protection rules, quote dieFunke Newspapers from the government’s response. The objective should rather be to enable companies and Employees to take advantage of the existing Osh instruments.

Jutta Krell husband, work, political spokeswoman of the left party, criticized this attitude is in sharp focus. “Many employers continue to wear: High pressure, high flexibility – always faster, always more. Employees are pushed beyond their limit,“ she said. “The Federal government is watching, thumbs rotating.”

The tz has also spoken in the big Burnout-Report with experts about the symptoms and ways out of the psychological trap of Stress. Click here to read the interview with Professor Dr. Dr. Martin Keck.

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