If the parents are to the care of the case: Here, members can get help from the state tips and template for the application of the Pflegestufe150 benefits from the state: So you can use

While residents in Thuringia with an average of 237 euros at least have to pay is the Saarland with an average of 872 euros at the top.

In the Federal average, the cost of 602 euros per Person. This is the average of the own contribution to the care costs

Th├╝ringen (237 euros), Saxony (288 euros), Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (312 EUR)Saxony-Anhalt (331 Euro)Schleswig-Holstein (355 euros), lower Saxony (391 euros), Bremen (451 Euro) undHamburg (584 euros), Hesse (591 Euro)

above average, the own parts are except in the Saarland in

Rheinland-Pfalz (606 Euro)and Brandenburg (609 Euro)of North Rhine-Westphalia (676 Euro)Bavaria (762 Euro)Baden-W├╝rttemberg (826 Euro)Berlin (872 euros)in The proper proportion to the level of Care differences

Since January of 2018, the new maintenance system is in force. This means that In every residential care facility is an "establishment of uniform care-related own contribution". There is, therefore, within the institution, no difference in the self-interests of the inhabitants for the cost of care of care levels 2 to 5. Add to that, however, the following costs, which may vary significantly:

costs for accommodation and meals,costs of investment,a training levy and for additional services.

the Largest chunk of the cost the staff is. Here it is from municipality to municipality, large differences. In the village of a nurse is usually cheaper than in big cities like Munich or Berlin. PDF complete PDF

This Text download comes from our PDF guide on the topic of care. Here people in need of care, and members are compactly bundled all of the important information about the nursing, legal nursing care insurance, nursing degrees and nursing break to care for family members.

PDF guide

funds, providers and municipalities, the cost cost of

About the level of care and the equity share of the nursing care insurance funds negotiate with each provider in the respective state. At the table, the municipality also sits.

you specified own contribution applies to all maintenance levels. That is, it increases when a Patient is higher classified. Thus, the legislature responded to the fact that prior to this new regulation until the end of 2017, many patients are not higher classification of wanted, although it would have been the need for care here is necessary. They did this because they were afraid of a higher equity share.

FOCUS Online/Wochit In these cities, and counties you should prefer to no care case, Time spent for the calculation of costs, not so important

1. January 2018, the second stage of the care act to strengthen the II entered into force. Since then, the patient is granted with a mental disability such as dementia have the same access to services as people with physical disabilities. The need for care is not a rating so much for the time and effort, but rather to the independence or non-independence of the persons Concerned. The previous three levels of care were transferred in five nursing degrees, to allow a more accurate assessment of need.   display  

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