Horst Seehofer, can’t leave it. While in Munich, the arg truncated CSU parliamentary group formed, and the soundings, with the Greens, FDP and the Free voters to be prepared, provoked the party boss his delicate troupe unnecessary. Especially a remark is likely to provide for red heads. Three Times, Seehofer said on Tuesday in Berlin, he had offered the election, his resignation as CSU-Chairman. Although none of what he says does, but that’s beside the point.

more Important is the Subtext of this remark is. Three Times, between the lines, dared to do something none to take his office. Three Times, the most promising candidate, the current Prime Minister Markus Söder have access to had the guts. What is the purpose of the CSU-chief with such a statement? Where in Munich is not to say that you can? That you need him? The should have understood it at least.

Seehofer risking a lot. The agreed time plan, first of all, the coalition to wait for negotiations, and to talk only about the consequences of the election broke, all of the highest discipline. Söder largely because other CSU-sizes from scissors. The call for a party Congress is to drain a good valve, and frustration. Just Seehofer provoked.

In these days, the CSU chief of CDU party leader, which he attacked so much resembles. Angela Merkel has been called the Teflon Chancellor. Seehofer is the Teflon President. The election defeat seems to be nothing to address. Personal responsibility he does not see. At best, in “style and tone”, he contributed “Exceptionable” in the debates of the past few months. The appearance in Berlin, and the consequences of Bavaria-choice for Berlin should go, he uses mainly for his lesser-known achievements as Minister of the interior, in so many words. To continue the operation of Sports centres in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

Seehofer no longer hangs with his almost 70 years, perhaps in principle. But he is hanging on to his meaning. He can’t forgive his party that has him apparently forget his performance during the rebuild after the worse defeat in 2008 and the re-conquest of the absolute majority of 2013. Seehofer is reminiscent of the late Edmund Stoiber. The model should teach him that a historical justice in politics only when one has adopted her.


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