Cultural has produced a number online events

the Cultural centers of Moscow have prepared various online events for citizens of all ages, according to the portal of the mayor and government of Moscow.

So, the culture House Gaydarovets prepared a virtual exhibition devoted to the work of contemporary artists. In particular, now people can see the work of an abstract painter Lyubov Simonova presented in the framework of the exhibition “the Color in form”. In addition, visitors will be able to see the exhibition “Guardians of the streets” by photographer Darya Zharova, which is dedicated to the decoration of the city buildings.

April 6 will open the exhibition “Paper boom. Collage”. It will present the illustration to the musical and poetic works of contemporary authors, created by artist Arina Agora.

in addition, Gaydarovets has prepared a video project “Orchestrated gatherings” in which frameworks from March 31 to April 4 out informative films on the history of Moscow and, in particular, the Basmanny district.

Your online program was prepared by the Territorial club system “Orekhovo”. In particular, visitors of social networks companies will be able to see a lecture by art critic Irina Kravchenko, dedicated to the life and philosophy of Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh. And the online performance of “Escapade outcast”, which is a psychological reinterpretation of the biography of the Creator will be able to watch 4 April at 18:00.

the ZIL Cultural centre will delight visitors with a virtual video of the concert soloist of the jazz orchestra named after Oleg Lundstrem Anna Buturlina “the First spring jazz”. It also is known that voiced a song Elsa, the heroine of the cartoon of the band’s “the Cold heart”, the Russian dubbing.

Moscow multifunctional cultural center have prepared an extensive children’s program. In particular, staff launched a series of podcasts of “Reading with red cat”. It is designed for children from three to four years and is owned by journalist Anna Yarlykova. In the moment in the series tszhe works of Samuel Marshak, and Konstantin Paustovsky. 4 APR available tales of Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen.

the Cultural center of “Integration” will delight visitors of master-classes for children. In particular, social media companies April 6 at 12:00 will be presented a virtual lesson for the early development of “Colorful country” is designed for children aged one year to three years. April 8 is scheduled a master class in acting, and 13 April, visitors will be able to make various decorations with the help of available items within the class “Brooch-bird.”

Employees of the cultural center “Maryina Roshcha” conduct online classes on a space theme. The network is already available in video on the production figures of the rocket using the technique of origami. And 7 April, 18:00 visitors will be able to learn how to build a flying saucer out of paper. Wanting waiting and other online activities related to the theme of space.

with the introduction of the capital regime of isolation and previously issued decrees of mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin about the closure of cultural institutions they create an extensive online program for citizens.

So, the space Museum announced the holding of an online chess tournament, and the Museum of military uniforms is preparing a history lecture. Moskvarium have prepared an educational video on aquatic inhabitants.

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