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In the last few years, there has been more and more talk about self-care and how it affects our health and well-being in general. The fact is that life in this modern time brings with it a lot of stress. We are exposed to thousands of pieces of information every day that we have to deal with, and that is not always the easiest thing in the world in addition to taking care of family, work and other obligations. Failure to take sufficient care of yourself can lead to illnesses, both physical and mental. Therefore, in order to feel good and be healthy, it is necessary to take some time every day to completely isolate ourselves and dedicate to the care of our soul. If you want to find out why self-care is important and what can you do about it for yourself, keep reading.

What exactly is self-care?

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We could agree that self-care is a pretty abstract term and that it represents a completely individual concept. If we want to define it in general, we could say that self-care includes everything we do to feel better physically, as well as mentally, emotionally and in any other way. And of course, the most important thing is to do it consciously and purposefully, in order to beautify our lives, improve our health and feeling from within.

Why is self-care important?

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First of all, self-care helps us feel good, and that in itself is reason enough to take the time each day to dedicate a little more to ourselves. However, this is just the beginning of the benefits that self-care offers. We all live in a crazy world that brings us a mountain of stressful situations every day that make us very anxious. Sometimes this leads to much more complex problems than mild nervousness, so certain conditions require serious treatment. Exercising self-care every day has been shown to help reduce tension, stress, frustration, as well as alleviate anxiety, depression and other mental states.

The benefits of self-care are also visible when it comes to physical health, because it leads to a reduced risk of strokes, heart attacks, insulin resistance, diabetes, and other diseases of the modern age.

Also, self-care can help you get to know and connect with your soul better, as well as get to know your life purpose. The list does not end here, but you can conclude for yourself that there is no reason why you should not take half an hour every day to connect with yourself and find peace.

What should it look like?

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We can’t point a finger at one thing and the activity you need to do in order to take proper care of yourself. It can be basically any activity or set of activities that make you happy.

Some people like to read books, some to listen to music or sleep, some to meditate or enjoy podcasts on topics that inspire them. If you like to go for a massage, a hairdresser’s or a manicure once a week, these are also types of self-care. It is a great idea to take the time to visit the spa at least once a month if you are happy and leave it to experts like Esti Prager and others who will make you completely relax and enjoy the time for yourself. And if you want, you can read more about it at

And the same goes for jogging, walking in nature and other activities that make you feel good.

Another very important aspect of self-care is nutrition. If you want to feel perfect inside, it is important to carefully choose the foods that you will take into your body. It is necessary to eat foods that are nutritionally rich every day, but you can also incorporate foods that are not the healthiest option, but you love them because they nourish your soul.

Physical activity is also an indispensable part of self-care, because it moves our body and stimulates the production of happiness hormones. No one can feel bad after a good workout, because our body simply does not allow it. Of course, you should never force yourself to exercise if you don’t like it. We suggest that you find the type of exercises that you enjoy and that will also help your body to be stronger and healthier. Lack of physical activity leads to a number of chronic diseases. However, it often affects mental health, because we feel sluggish, hard and as if we just cannot move. Regular physical activity will make you feel energetic, powerful and enable you to have the strength to enjoy every day to the maximum.

Perhaps the most important factor for self-care are the thoughts you have in your head every day. If those thoughts are degrading and make you feel bad about yourself and the life you live, then no activity will be enough to really change things for the better. Try to listen, read and watch only content that is positive, inspiring and that calls for action. If you have not tried meditating before, we suggest you change it. Meditation helps us clear our mind and inner peace. Positive affirmations are also of great value because they help us remove beliefs that do not serve us and replace them with positive thoughts that push us forward.

Surround yourself with people who wish you well and in whose company you feel beautiful and inspired. All of these are necessary steps for self-care and changing lives for the better.


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Every day we have the opportunity to hear about the importance of self-care, but almost no one talks about what self-care really is and why it is so important for our lives. The fact is that we live in a modern time that brings with it a multitude of stressful situations and problems. If we do not take the time to dedicate ourselves to nurturing our soul, brain and heart, it can lead to a number of health problems. Self-care cannot be clearly defined, but it is individual for each person and represents the conscious implementation of activities that we enjoy and that make us feel better. Find what it is for you and take an hour each day to relax, find peace and just feel happy.