Captain Pavlenko: the deserter, who created the largest organized crime groups during the war

History 25/03/20 Captain Pavlenko: the deserter, who created the largest organized crime groups during the war

The Lieutenant (that was the real military rank Nikolay Pavlenko, the rest up to the Colonel, he gave himself) for almost 10 years, since 1942, established and led a fictitious organization. The accident only helped to reveal the true extent of his scams during the great Patriotic war and in the postwar period.

the Notion of a deserter

In the book of Oleg K. Tikhomirov “General Abakumov. The executioner or the victim?” the author wonders why it so happened that during the war Pavlenko was able to create such a large, well-armed organized crime groups and to stay out of sight of SMERSH. If at first all could be attributed to the military confusion, because after the war, the grouping pseudo-Colonel operated almost 8 years!

Smyslov writes that the technician Nikolai Pavlenko in the beginning of the war, was at the headquarters of the corps of the 100th infantry division on the Western front. Soviet troops suffered heavy losses, and the senior Lieutenant, deciding to sit somewhere in a quiet place in the early autumn of 1941, has written a “fake” trip certificate and deserted in the way. Writer Eduard Khrutsky explains the geographical choice Pavlenko fact that before the war the Builder had got in the rear lot of city friends, whom the citizen had a common cause. By the time to Pavlenko joined by several deserters. When the front approached Kalinin, they decided to change the place of “dislocation”.

During one of such transitions in March 1942, Nikolai Pavlenko met colleagues from the farm where he worked before the war. One of them was a joke deftly carved from rubber soles the seal with the designation “Area of military construction works No 5 of the Kalinin front.” From that moment marked the beginning of large-scale scams Nikolay Pavlenko.

He created a fictitious military construction company with fake documents, whichm, in particular, deserters merchandised products, they have opened a Bank account. A military uniform was initially purchased in the bazaars, and then for taking bribes to USR it started to produce already in the garment factories. In wartime, none of the representatives of government agencies and did not occur that USR-5 is a non-existent entity.


the Author of “Moskovsky Komsomolets” Elena Pavlova, exploring the “nice” way of Nikolai Pavlenko, wrote that the worker was able to approach the right people to “thank” them for their services. Soldiers of the defunct de jure USR-5 was put on rations, Pavlenko ordered them to collect abandoned construction equipment. On a reimbursable basis, performed even road and construction work in organizations Kalinina.

When an elimination of the Kalinin front, Nikolai Pavlenko, for a large bribe to the head of one of the districts air-based (SLAVE unit providing air division) “legalized” his fictitious military unit, she became part of a Slave, becoming in the UVR-5. In this capacity, the division reached Berlin, when the SERVANT crossed the state border of the USSR, consisting of OIA was already more than 200 people, mostly deserters or stragglers from their units. The false part was armed with a large number of firearms and ammunition. As Igor wrote Muromov in the book “100 great adventurers”, at the end of the war, the group of Nikolai Pavlenko became a real gang, robbing property on the territory of Poland and Germany. They were “expropriated” dozens of pieces of equipment, horses, all sorts of valuable property. Due to its criminal relations Pavlenko “knocked out” his truck 30-car team to take out all that stuff. It is noteworthy that members of a non-existent part in the motions of their leader had been awarded to more than 200 military orders and medals, had they have Pavlenko.

the Scam after the war

After the war, Nikolai Pavlenko returned to Kalinin and dismissed most his soldiers, paying them with revenues from sold trophies (giving a total of more than 200 thousand rubles). He created the civil construction artel “Plandiste”. Bribes and gifts to senior officials, the chief of the farm on “fake” documents won contracts, appropriated state funds. From Pavlenko in property had two houses and how the machines “Victory”.

In 1948, concerning it criminal case about theft of more than 300 thousand rubles. By the time Pavlenko disappeared in Lviv, where on the forged documents was organized by the Directorate of military works (UVS-1). His accomplices in wartime helped to pull off the same scheme that was once occupied “fake” USR-5. According to the documents of the criminal case, until 1952, many organizations entered into with the UCS contracts, during this time, the income of this company amounted to tens of millions of rubles. Pavlenko used the funds to bribe the regional and national authorities.

to Expose the con man and his accomplices managed to accidentally only in the fall of 1952. At the request of one member of the party, about the machinations of the officers of the UVS with the bonds Treasury bonds opened a criminal case, which gradually began to acquire new details of large-scale crimes Nikolay Pavlenko and his associates. Arrested 300 people led by “Colonel”. The investigation lasted 2.5 years. In the end, Pavlenko, was sentenced to death, and 16 of his “subordinates” went to the camp for periods ranging from 5 to 25 years.

Nicholas Syromyatnikov

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